Leftists Win! Border Patrol Stops Prosecuting Illegal Aliens with Children


The Democrat Socialist Party is the party of open borders. The only policy they will accept is ‘catch and release’. The phony angst over the separation of parents and children at the border is to force the ‘catch and release’ policy. It has worked. The Border Patrol is no longer referring illegal alien parents for prosecution.

This way parent and child — if it’s their child — won’t be separated.

President Obama separated 72,000 parents and children by 2014 but there was hardly a peep in the media.

The foreigners coming across our borders illegally know that if they bring a child — anyone’s child — they will get to stay in the United States. With leftist laws requiring lawyers, hearings and limited detention, they have it made. The message is clear — illegal aliens can pour in with some child and simply wait for amnesty.

The Border Patrol has stopped referring illegal immigrant parents for prosecution, a top official confirmed Monday. The media is rejoicing over the latest “hiccup”, refusing to tell the truth to Americans that the alternative is open borders with anonymous strangers flooding the gates.

The Visigoths are at the gates.

Custom and Border Protection commissioner Kevin McAleenan, who oversees Border Patrol, said unless agents can separate families, they can’t prosecute the parents.

The borders are wide open.

Mr. McAleenan said he’s working on a plan to resume prosecutions. Lots of luck with that.

Meanwhile, these moochers will get to stay.  Parents who sneak in with children will get a pass and the world knows about it.

What kind of person takes a child on a journey like that to get U.S. benefits? The left would have you believe they are all wonderful but desperate people. Some might be, perhaps most, but the rest are lowlifes who are child abusers.

The zero-tolerance policy tried to combat this incentive of bringing children on a dangerous journey with criminals. It isn’t working so the lowlifes will still send innocent children on this journey and it will reap benefits. In fact, it will grow worse. Americans will be stuck with these losers affecting our policies.

We are destroying ourselves.

In no time at all, we will be a leftist Third World “s***hole”.

Thank you Democrats!

Creepy big government Schumer has a solution — more big government. He wants an unnecessary Federal Czar to reunify these foreign invaders.

The USA is going down. Once Americans decided big government was okay and a cut to the budge is a cut in the increase, it was all over. The bigger the government, the less freedom we all have. Our masters, the elite, like Schumer and Nancy Pelosi will control us.

Don’t people see what is going on? We’ve seen it thoughout history — in China, Cuba, and so many other countries.


  1. Individuals no longer take the responsibility for their own decisions and actions. Apostasy and evil, along with dishonesty and hypocrisy, immorality and greed, power lust and racial prejudice, become the tools of politicians and the dissension of the hoi polloi. America is now Mexico’s social safety net, and that’s a very good deal for the Mexican ruling class. Its also a good deal for our business class, which wants cheap labor. A large segment of America has been brainwashed with diversity-uber-alles dogma, and its a perfect storm of treasonous spirit: money over country, ideology over country, party over country.

  2. Who cares of the country is ruined by illegal aliens as long as they vote Democrat? If these people voted Republican, then you’d see a wall and arrests and deportations being made overnight.

    • You have to understand that with Schumer, his outlook on any given issue depends on two factors; Number one, how drunk he is, Number two, how much bribe money he has received!

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