Left’s call to attack churches as subcultures of white supremacists


Perhaps one of the evilest things the left is doing to win is to defame all whites, Christians, and Jews as supremacists and terrorists. There appears to be a chilling call to attack churches as subcultures of white supremacists and label Israeli Jews as terrorists.

They also want to associate nationalism as in sovereignty with terrorism.

From constant accusations of white supremacy to attacks on Christians to claims of Jewish terrorism against Palestinian terrorists, the left hopes to make us into what they are. Perhaps they are simply virtue-signaling as writer B. Klein writes on American Thinker, but no matter the reason, it’s dangerous.

B. Klein writes that mass shooters are depicted as white Christian jihadist supremacists.

The looney left is calling the insane El Paso killer — who appears crazy, has no religious tendencies, and possesses many left-wing views — a white Christian supremacist.

Klein quotes from an article by Tara Isabella Burton, “The Religious Hunger of the Radical Right,” and explains it. Burton expresses the current thinking from the powerful left:

“Until we understand what really drives extremists, we will not be able to stop them.”  She means religious extremists, Christian specifically.  Burton is not alone in pushing the white Christian shooter narrative.  They come out of the woodwork to moralize with arguments less sophisticated than “children in China are starving, so eat your peas.”

Burton even calls the new insane group — incels — white religious Christians.

She calls their communities, churches:

Unlike Islamist jihadists, the online communities of incels, white supremacists and anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists make no metaphysical truth claims, do not focus on God and offer no promise of an afterlife or reward.  But they fulfill the functions that sociologists generally attribute to a religion: They give their members a meaningful account of why the world is the way it is.  They provide them with a sense of purpose and the possibility of sainthood.  They offer a sense of community.  And they establish clear roles and rituals that allow adherents to feel and act as part of a whole.  These aren’t just subcultures; they are churches.  And until we recognize the religious hunger alongside the destructive hatred, we have little chance of stopping these terrorists.

They’re obviously not religious but Burton wants us to believe they aren’t just subcultures, they’re churches.

Just google — white supremacy, Christians — and see what pops up. You’ll get Nazis, KKK, and claims that Jesus is depicted as a white supremacist. You will see phrases like, ‘no shrines to white supremacy.’

The media props up articles about white supremacists, KKK, Nazis and makes them about every white Christian. No Republican or Conservative would ever accept any of these monsters.

Ironically, the left has no problem embracing communists, socialists, and radicals like the squad.

The left wants to resurrect 1861.

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