Left’s Underground Networks to Get Anyone They Disagree With Banned from Social Media


Raheem Kassam is the author of ‘No Go Zones’. Editor of Breitbart London and a Fellow at Gatestone Institute and Meforum. He is a reputable author but he is on the right and because of that, the left-wing has targeted him from an underground networking site.

After an interview with Paul Joseph Watson on the issue of no go zones, Kassam was sent streams of abuse from anti-Trump, anti-Brexit, and anonymous users.

That led to his twitter suspension. His followers came to his defense and he’s back but what is interesting about it is he was the victim of an underground blacklist. The members put people on and streams of bots, organized leftists, and anonymous accounts then trash the target to get him/her banned.

Imam Tawhidi, who is not a right-winger, is blacklisted and on the ‘Most Wanted” for condemning radical Islam which the left thinks is hate speech. He is the one who found out about this list, but it’s not the only list. My website is on several Antifa blacklists.

Raheem was on the list and he saw an uptick in trolls immediately before his week-long suspension. He knew he’d be suspended. Here he is on the list of “Most Wanted”.

One of the accounts that spreads this hate is @ResistingHate but there are so many like this and the right just doesn’t do that sort of thing. It’s a statist tactic to shut people down. The right believes in the First Amendment. The goody-two-shoes Resisting Hate site retweeted this next tweet and it’s quite ironic. Claiming Trump, who wants us wealthy and free, is the authoritarian but this anti-First Amendment statist represents the left well. This is the tweet:

Raheem is never vile or extreme. He did want this next video shared so we thought we’d include it in case you are not familiar with him and his work or with Patreon.

Raheem’s no fan of Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, and we have corroborated every claim in this video .

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