Legal Analyst Says “Sessions Is Trying to Conceal All Illegal acts by FBI, DoJ”


In a letter released yesterday, House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes accused the FBI of violating its own protocols in the case of the dossier/Carter Page warrant. They possibly violated the law. We have heard nothing from the FISA court judges even though evidence was concealed.

Sessions Is Concealing Illegal Acts

FISA Court presiding judge Rosemary Collier said they don’t object to releasing the applications on spying on Carter Page. Sara Carter believes it is their response and it is very significant. She says it could be their way of objecting to what the DoJ did.

The Fox news legal analyst Greg Jarret said it won’t happen. The DoJ would have to do it and the real Attorney General is Rod Rosenstein who would never do it. Sessions is trying to “conceal all the illegal acts committed by the FBI, Department of Justice.”


  1. Whether he is or not; is he working for the wrong side or might someone have something on him? We all know there is plenty of crimes in which people are not at least going to a grand jury on! Why did the FBI NOT the CIA ask for the FISA?

  2. I believe the news is quite accurate! Regardless of the “no dog in the fight” argument (??), Sessions’ failure to execute his constitutional duties as Attorney General is the MAIN reason that NOT ONE corruptocrat lawbreaker has been indicted yet!!! Which at this point is outrageous!!

  3. He don’t have a dog in the fight. No really good reason for him to protect anyone in the Justice Dept. I think this is just so much Fake News.

  4. Like everyone else: What happened to Jeff Sessions? It’s been suggested maybe the Deep State has something on him. But, if not that, who knows how far they would go to control him, to protect themselves and their chance at the Brass Ring – the United States.

    • The reason behind the actions of Sessions is less important than removing him. The massive coverup is obvious, and includes many indicators.

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