Legal Expert Says It Was the FBI That Obstructed Justice, Calls Comey a Criminal


Greg Jarrett called James Comey the most “insufferable, self-righteous person…I’ve ever covered…and he’s committed a myriad of crimes’. Legal expert Jarrett was addressing the revelation that an FBI agent who led the Clinton and Russia collusion probes was provably anti-Trump and pro-Hillary.

Email exchanges between him and another agent in the probe exposed his bias. Mueller demoted him in July and then hid the fact from Congress.

Former FBI director Comey has been tweeting sanctimonious, haughty quotes of people who are actually honorable. As Jarrett says, that is far from what Comey is.

Comey stole government documents and gave them to someone who was not authorized to see them. That is a crime, Jarrett says.

Jarrett added that it completely undermines the Russia collusion investigation, an investigation that was already undermined by the actions of the investigators themselves, Jarret explained.

The agent was dismissed in July but there is evidence the probes were a set up. The media is trying to portray the agent’s demotion as proof of Mueller’s honorable handling of the case. However, Mueller hid it for six months and that is obstruction of justice.

Jarrett agrees Flynn’s indictment is proof of nothing.

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