Legal Scholar Calls Out FBI for Imposing ‘Criminal Morality Tests’ on Flynn


Law Professor Alan Dershowitz said the prosecutors knew the truth and what they did was give General Flynn the opportunity to lie. They didn’t ask the questions to get the truth, they knew the truth. They wanted to get him to lie or misstate.

Dershowitz said we don’t want to empower the FBI, grand juries, or prosecutors to perform “morality tests, criminal morality tests on citizens.”

Flynn should never have pled guilty. Prosecutors were using him to get to the President.

Dershowitz said he doesn’t want to live in a country that “imposes morality tests.”

They should never ask questions to which they know the answers. Those are inappropriate questions, Dershowitz said.

Prosecutors should have told them what their goal was and they should have set up a proper meeting.

Are we going to live in a country in which law enforcement agents are allowed to set people up and arrest them for sins?

The goal is always to get Trump.

As the Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger said, prosecutors appear to be looking for a crime with which to charge Donald Trump.

In the U.S., fishing for crimes is not constitutional, but our law enforcement officials are doing it routinely.

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