Leigh Corfman’s Story Is Starting to Look Very Suspicious


Judge Roy Moore’s campaign defended Roy Moore Tuesday, standing up for his character and debunking some of the claims of the most prominent accuser, Leigh Corfman.

Ben DuPre, Moore’s former chief of staff on the Alabama Supreme Court, strongly defended Moore because he believes the accusations to be false.

DuPre told reporters, “We’re here today to do the job for the press, to ask some questions, to offer some suggestions and some new evidence. The lies and character assassination of Judge Roy Moore ends today.”

They maintain Moore has never known Leigh Corfman and DuPre noted that her story is vague with no investigation by the media. The media didn’t ask her to substantiate one detail. He said, “So we have done some basic research and offer the following for consideration.”

There were inaccuracies in her story. For one, the court hearing was not a custody battle over which parent would win custody. It was a transfer of custody from the mother to the father because she was a disciplinary problem.

DuPre had a copy of the court record of the hearing in February, 1979.

DuPre also pointed out that Corfman’s father lived in a different Alabama city at the time of these supposed events. With custody already transferred to her father according to the court document, how was she at her mother’s home for the meet up a mile from her mother’s home after the alleged meet up calls she took on a phone in her bedroom which didn’t exist?

Corfman’s father lived far from Gadsden so how was she able to meet up with Moore?

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