Lena Dunham Blocks Twitter Troll Lenny Dkystra, Then Creeps on Airline Employees


Fake rape accuser, Lena Dunham, sent out a Twitter call and a toothless, aging Lenny Dykstra offered to be of assistance. Dunham is 31 and Dykstra is 54.

Dykstra trolled her for a day.

“You guys I’m being simultaneously trolled and seduced by @LennyDykstra this day has gotten really f–king weird,” Dunham tweeted.

Dykstra responded: “You know deep down you want to take a ride on the space shuttle.”

Lena then tweeted: “Excited about my new stalker @LennyDykstra! Unfortunately he seems to have underestimated my powers. Nite baseball fans, what a wild ride.”

Lenny replied: “If you can’t get to sleep after all this excitement, I recommend a cold shower.”

She eventually blocked him.

His final response from his Twitter page to the feminist author was to give a sardonic 1950s statement on feminism to include statements about women servicing men, losing weight, and some such things.

Dunham is a bit of a troll herself, creeping on airline employees. On Wednesday, she put a message on Instagram that she is laying in wait: “I’m at the airport. And I think people now know, when I’m at the airport, they have to f—ing watch out for me, because I hear and I see all.”

She was probably referring to an August airport incident in which she accused two American Airlines employees of engaging in “transphobic talk” at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

On August 3, Dunham had been waiting on a delayed flight when she claimed to have overheard the AA flight attendants say “trans kids are a trend,” and that they would “never accept a trans kid and transness is gross.”

She then tweeted American Airlines who followed up and responded they could not substantiate any of Dunham’s allegations.

After her fake rape story, why would anyone believe anything she says? She likes attention as do most in Hollywood.

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