Leo Terrell says taunting a lone officer while biking in masks is free speech


New York’s future as the Hunger Games universe seems guaranteed. It’s obviously what my fellow New Yorkers want.

Recently, two unrelated women were selling food in the subway without a permit. The food could be unsafe and who knows who these women are. Additionally, there are laws against it. New Yorkers went bonkers when police stepped in, demanding they allow the women to sell the food illegally. That same lawless mindset is what drove some masked bikers to taunt a police officer this week.


A single New York police officer was encircled by a mob of masked people on ATVs and dirt bikes at a Hunts Point gas station in the Bronx on Sunday afternoon, the New York Daily News reported.

The group of bikers had been riding dangerously in the area, so an NYPD officer pulled up to speak with them, Blue Lives Matter reports.

One biker dropped his bike and ran off. As the officer was about to seize it, the bikers began to zoom around him on all sides. Another biker tried to grab the abandoned bike while they were basically trying to immobilize the police officer.

The officer ran towards the snatcher with a Taser, discouraging the suspect.

They all fled when backup arrived.

Watch the video below the ad:


As we said, it is what New Yorkers vote for and defend. Take civil rights attorney Leo Terrell who told Laura Ingraham last night that the mobbing of the police officer was “free expression.”

“What they did out there was nothing more than First Amendment expression,” Mr. Terrell said on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

He’s a big supporter of obnoxious masked people, apparently.

When Ms. Ingraham said “no one should be going around in a mask,” he said, “Oh, come on, First Amendment right. It’s called expression. It’s called expression.”

Ingraham asked why they were wearing masks and Terrell said, “choice.”

Well, sure, they chose to hide their identity as they behaved badly.


The police will catch you!

The police arrested a member of the crew who taunted the officer. Twenty-year-old Jonathan Bain was arrested on Sunday afternoon. He was caught within minutes of taunting a police officer, along with at least five other masked losers who have yet to be arrested.

Bain was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, disorderly conduct and criminal possession of marijuana, police said.

While some understand the seriousness of this lawless behavior, others like Mr. Terrell don’t. And they have their defenders, like the gas station attendant.

Manvinder Oberoi, who was on duty at the gas station Sunday, told The NY Post the riders are “good customers” and “very nice people.”

The concern for those of us who believe in the rule of law and value the police is police will be forced to allow this Democrat dystopia at some point. Their hands are tied now.

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