LePen Faces Three Years in Jail for Forwarding Graphic Images of IS Victims


The French parliament moved to lift populist leader Marine Le Pen’s immunity from prosecution Wednesday over graphic pictures she tweeted in 2015.

Le Pen tweeted out a series of graphic images of ISIS victims. One was of the decapitated body of American journalist James Foley. She did it after a journalist compared her to IS. she wrote on the photo, ‘This is IS’.

The Foley family complained and she removed it.

At the time, a prosecutor in Paris opened an investigation into her breaking the law on distributing violent images for which she could serve three years. As a member of Parliament, she has automatic immunity and cannot face charges. That led to the EU assembly lifting her immunity. Prosecutors can pursue their fascist case against her.

It’s merely an effort to silence her. LePen said she only wanted to show “the horrible reality of their crimes” which is obviously what she was doing. She believes the move is political and of course it is.

As leader of the National Front she is planning a relaunch of the organization. Her new platform will exclude her original plans to leave the EU.


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