Don’t Forget Obama Hacked His Friends and Rivals


Obama has a history of tapping and hacking his friends and rivals and we know that, not only from Wikileaks, but from the foreign nations who uncovered it.

Angela Merkel was particularly upset when she found out that Obama approved spying on her for three years, tapping her phone. When it was uncovered in 2013, Obama said it wasn’t going on any longer.

Obama approved spying on everyone.

Obama spied on the French elections with the intent of influencing them with the help of several other nations.

Which brings me to whether the FISA order targeting Trump is a fact. Chuck U Schumer is claiming that if there is a FISA order, it must mean that it’s worse for Trump because it means a judge found probable cause Trump was colluding with the Russians. That’s ridiculous. First of all, the FISA judges are rubber stamps. Secondly, that means there is a FISA ordered he wouldn’t have said it.

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