Let’s All Just Be Americans


Confederate flag

According to Wikipedia, the Confederate flag is a controversial symbol for many Americans today. A 2011 Pew Research poll revealed that 30% of Americans have a “negative reaction” when “they see the Confederate flag displayed.” According to the same poll, 9% of Americans have a positive reaction. A majority (58%) have no reaction.

Notice that 58% of the people have no reaction to the Confederate flag. That’s because slaves have been free for more than a century and most Americans don’t see the flag as anything more than a symbol of the South.

In my opinion, Dylann Roof was nothing more than a deranged druggie who killed 9 innocent people. He had all the signs of a future psychopath! He was a loner and a drug addict. Maybe he was a racist or maybe he was just using that as an excuse to gun people down. He had black friends which leads me to believe that he wasn’t truly a racist. A real racist doesn’t associate with anyone who is non-white. In reality, he hated Jews and Hispanics, too. He was just a killer on drugs lying in wait.

To paint all White southerners and/or White people who defend the Confederate flag with a broad stroke of racism is just plain wrong. I saw the pictures of all those who came out to stand in solidarity with the people of Charleston and the vast majority of those people were white.

In actuality, flag makers will tell you that there isn’t much of a market for the Confederate version in the U.S. “It’s not something regularly produced,” says Reggie Vandenbosch, chairman of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America. “It’s not even a tenth of a percent of the overall business.”

If the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of racism but isn’t very popular, then isn’t that proof enough that most people are not racists?

Truth be told, the Confederate battle flag has flown for centuries in the South yet the South is home to millions of Black families. Suddenly, 9 people are killed and somehow the “flag” is at fault”? Who is to blame when thousands die every year in Chicago and other inner cities throughout America?

Let’s get real here. America is facing turbulant times being fueled by race-baiters and America-haters.

Instead of putting so much fury into tearing down a flag that the majority of the people could care less about, perhaps we should start defending America with the same ferocity.

Does anyone care, that as an American, I’m offended by our borders being left open and then having my tax-dollars used to support the criminals who came here illegally.

I’m offended by jihadists blowing up the World Trade Towers and murdering 3,000 people yet we won’t fight the ISIS terrorists who are a national threat to America.

I’m offended that Hillary Clinton would have the audacity to run for public office when she has a track record of being corrupt, a liar and having left 4 Americans to die in Bengazhi.

I’m offended that our president would vote by executive order on every issue regardless of what We, the People, want.

I’m offended that those in office have trampled on our Constitution as I watch our freedoms erode on every level.

I’m offended that Gruber would lie about Obamacare and then call the voters “idiots” for believing his lies and I’m offended that more people are concerned about the symbolic reference to the Confederate flag instead of what the American flag symbolizes.

If we fought to defend America from it’s real offenders, close our borders and strenghten our military with the same passion we have towards bringing down the Confederate flag, perhaps we can save America from those who wish to destroy her from within.

Let’s start by putting an end to the nationality-hyphenations in front of the word “American” and let’s all just be Americans!



  1. Divide and conquer is the game plan by the Communists Progressive Democrats. If we want to save America, we need to all start remembering what America represents and that is We, The People.

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