Let’s Not Forget Mueller’s HSBC Money Laundering Scandal

Robert Mueller has weathered a host of scandalous failures from the Whitey Bulger case to the Anthrax case to the 2012 HSBC scandal. The latter is the one we would like to discuss here. People might be unaware of the case overseen by Robert Mueller, the fake Republican.

The Obama Department of Justice allowed HSBC to pay fines to avoid facing federal criminal indictments after HSBC admitted criminal responsibility for helping Mexican drug cartels, Iran, and terrorist organizations launder hundreds of millions of dollars into the U.S. banking system from foreign sources.

A 2012 Department of Justice press release announced the settlement which allowed HSBC to admit criminal responsibility for money-laundering at least $881 million through the U.S. financial system including money from sanctioned countries including Cuba, Sudan, Iran, Libya, and Burma.

The HSBC bank officials paid more than a billion dollars in fines. They admitted to committing several felonies.

The Director of the FBI at that time was Robert Mueller.  James Comey was a member of the HSBC board of directors. The case was settled by Loretta Lynch, then-U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. The Attorney General was Eric Holder.

Political commentator and author Jerome Corsi told Bill O’Reilly this evening that Robert Mueller is part of the Deep State and the New World Order crowd. The left has characterized Mr. Corsi as a conspiracy theorist, but you can decide.



  1. Corsi has some interesting ideas, ‘but’, I seriously doubt his ‘sources’. He’s been analyzing the “Qanon” posts as some authentic military intelligence revelations. He seems to think he ‘knows’ who this ‘Q’ people are but according to the posts there are serious concerns With them.

    What has me concerned is the accusations against the Rothschild family. They have been the bane of anti-Semites who view Zionists as some world domination force. I have read where some believe that family controls 500 TRILLION dollars. Really? In reality the surmised wealth of Trump may well exceed that of the Rothschilds. Zionists are attacked because the family DID aid in helping Jews migrate to Israel from persecutions in other countries.

    I had learned in the 60’s and 70’s how Jews were used as the ‘scapegoat’ for all the ills of the world. I don’t know when this Zionist conspiracy started but since an association with the Rothschilds became known that may be the starting point. Part of this Q phenomenon has the Rothschilds in league with the Vatican and the proof is in a “picture”. The picture used is NOT a Rothschild but an Israeli leader meeting with the Pope in his trip to Israel. That picture is used throughout the conspiratorial world. The history of the Rothschilds has been so distorted as to not even be close to reality. It has reached the point that the family is said to control ALL the Central banks of the world. For some reason it is believed that because a Soros has been a manipulator in the world then so to must be the Rothschilds. Far from it. The wealth of Bezos far exceeds, by a factor of 50, than this family. The more influential are the Amazon’s, Google, Youtube, Apple and Facebook. These are the real power brokers in this age. They are able to control “all that you see and hear”.

  2. Mueller was involved is several very serious criminal matters, that is not a conspiracy theory, that is reporting events. The Russian bribery investigation disappeared just as the uranium one deal was made, and Mueller was FBI director. Don’t attack the messenger, if you want to attack his message, then point out what in his message is incorrect.

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