Levin Addresses Democrat’s Soviet-Style Process


During Wednesday’s “Hannity,” Levin thanked the Democrats, claiming they had “impeached themselves” with Mueller’s hearings.

“I’d like to thank the Democrats because they’ve really revealed themselves as the clowns they truly are,” he said.

“They’ve impeached themselves today and forevermore.”

He then took aim at Mueller’s report, which the radio host described as just a “prosecutor’s brief.”

“There was no reply report by the president that was permitted, no contrary witnesses, no contrary documents, no contrary evidence, no cross-examinations, no challenges of any type,” he said.

He thanked the Democrats for the Soviet-style process.

In line with this, listen to Rep. Ratcliffe’s impassioned response to a mind-numbingly unaware Robert Mueller. There was no due process, no presumption of innocence. Mueller couldn’t find a crime so he convicted him anyway. Mueller’s destroyed sacred principles of judicial history. The President isn’t above the law but he shouldn’t be below the law either, Ratcliffe said.

Sadly, Mueller didn’t even seem to know what Rep. Ratcliffe was talking about.

You can listen to his entire show:

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