LGBT Powerbroker Will “Punish the Wicked” Christian Conservatives


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, tech millionaire turned LGBTQ activist Tim Gill said he’s aiming to “punish the wicked”, namely Christians, who hold traditional views about sexual morality.

Tim Gill is the George Soros of LGBT leftism in both money and clout.

“We’re going into the hardest states in the country,” he declares. “We’re going to punish the wicked.”

The mega rich software programmer has poured an estimated $422 million into various gay rights causes for over twenty years. After the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in all 50 states in 2015, Gill moved on to targeting Christians.

Gill, his money and his friends will be going after states that put protections in place for Christians who do not believe in gay marriage.

Rolling Stone, a bastion of fake news, describes religious freedom restoration acts (RFRA) this way: “Under the guise of right-to-worship protections, these bills offer legal cover for individuals and businesses to deny service or otherwise discriminate against LGBTQ people,” Rolling Stone‘s Andy Kroll wrote.

Except it’s not true. Christians will serve LGBTs in all capacities except for gay marriage which is against their religion. They don’t want to be forced to use their skills to promote something that goes against their core religious beliefs.

They are asking for balance but Gill is asking for punishment. He can’t just win and move on, not to “his dying day”.

The LGBT activist has tremendous power and has used it to rally more than 100 corporations under a front group called Georgia Prospers, all in the name of punishing the wicked.

The irony here is LGBTQs are the ones who preach love, but it’s love on a one-way street.

Others have the right to think differently. If we become a one-party leftist nation, as it looks like we will, expect to be mandated to believe as the left believes or you will be deemed wicked and you will be punished.

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