LI Terrorist Testifies Against Al Qaeda Terrorist Being Tried as a Common Criminal in Brooklyn


There are terrorists all over this country and some are caught and you will hear little know about it. Such is the case of a Long Island man turned terrorist that has largely flown under the Long Islanders’ radar. He planned to blow up the Long Island Rail Road and has turned state’s evidence against two al-Qaida terrorists who have been extradited to the U.S..

The Foreign nationals who were engaged in the plot were brought to New York to be tried as if they were criminals, not the war criminals they are.


Vinas (pictured above) had traveled to Pakistan and then Afghanistan where he participated in two attacks against our soldiers.

Vinas is the son of South American immigrants. He converted in 2004.

CNN likes to refer to him as an all-American kid. His dad left the family when he was 14, CNN whined, and it was then that he was radicalized. Oh, boohoo, his dad left so he had to become a terrorist. So expected!

A Yemeni man, Saddiq al-Abbadi, recruited Long Islander Bryant Neal Vinas Ibrahim aka Bashir al-Ameriki and Ben Yameen al-Kanadeeis into al-Qaida. He will get 30 years to life and he will get to radicalize our prison population here in New York when he should be heading off to GITMO.

Al-Abbadi, 40, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and weapons charges in Brooklyn when it clearly should have been considered an act of war with life in GITMO.

The two terrorists discussed bombing the Long Island Rail Road at Penn station. Vinas had hoped to become a martyr while causing mass casualties and a “big economic hit” on the United States.

Just another all-American kid who was perfectly normal until the big bad terrorist lured him into the evil plot with a promise of seven virgins.

Al-Abbadi was extradited from Saudi Arabia in January where he had served time for an al-Qaida plot. They were glad to get rid of him I’m sure.

Al-Abbadi provided personnel to al-Qaida and he waged war against American forces overseas.

“I with others fought in Iraq from 2005 to 2009 against the United States of America with the intention to hurt, wound or kill these forces,” he told U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis. “In 2008, I with others traveled from Afghanistan to Pakistan to fight and kill the U.S. forces stationed there.”

Prosecutors said that he was the mastermind of a 2008 plan to lure U.S. forces to a compound in Afghanistan that had been booby-trapped with explosives and blow them up. A massacre was barely avoided when a soldier noticed wiring that was part of the detonation system.

The defendant was a high-level al-Qaida operative with high-level contacts.

Maybe we could trade him for a traitor or some Muslim Brotherhood agent somewhere!


Al-Abbadi and Ali Alvi in Saudi Arabia. Charming, aren’t they?

Another terrorist Ali Alvi was also arrested in Saudi Arabia and will stand trial in New York at great taxpayer expense. He will then go into our prison system where he too can radicalize the population when he should instead be going off to GITMO. He helped Vinas get to Pakistan.

It’s a miracle we haven’t been attacked but it is inevitable in our foreseeable future. Perhaps the terrorists are waiting for the next weak leader – Hillary Clinton. They wouldn’t want to interfere with her getting elected.


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