Lib Commentator Says Rand Paul’s George Wallace One Minute, Noam Chomsky the Next…video


Rand Paul successfully blocked several National Security Programs in the Senate this weekend. It has some people confused.

The Washington Post reported:

The Senate closed a rare Sunday session without approving the only legislation that would have averted a lapse in the authority — a House-passed bill that would provide for an orderly transition away from the most controversial program authorized under the current law: the National Security Agency’s bulk collection of call records from telephone companies.

Spurred by the impending deadline, senators voted overwhelmingly, 77 to 17, to proceed with the measure Sunday, a week after they didn’t act on it before starting a week-long recess.

Rand Paul said that the USA Freedom Act, would end the government’s collection of phone records, which he counts as a victory. He has been accused of using this to further his presidential aspirations but it is what he has always said.

He admitted the bill he opposed which leaves out bulk collection of phone records by the NSA will still pass. He is concerned that the phone company will be collecting records in bulk. It’s not clear how the phone company will be able to do this.

One commentator thinks Rand’s extremism will help Hillary. One minute he sounds like George Wallace and the next he sounds like Noam Chomsky, he said.

Rand Paul is no racist. Democrats fathered racism from slavery to Jim Crow.

George Wallace was a Democratic populist and segregationist. He later recanted his racist views. Noam Chomsky is a social justice activist, and anarcho-syndicalist advocate – another type of communist. Chomsky is paranoid about any NSA surveillance and says records collections are an “attack on American citizens.” Most consider Edward Snowden a traitor but Chomsky considers him a “real patriot,” though many appreciate knowing how extensive the NSA records collection has been.

Whether you agree with Rand Paul or not, he is standing up for what he believes in and he is standing up for the Fourth Amendment.

The Patriot Act was fine in its original form. There is no need to unconstitutionally grab everyone’s data.



  1. Rand Paul and I agree on many issues, depart on many as well. On this issue, I agree entirely.
    Our politicians would have us believe the issue of national security is an exercise of All or Nothing … WRONG. Not only does the massive collection of mega data cost tax payers billions (which we DO NOT HAVE), but it makes the job of keeping us safe exponentially more difficult. Instead of focusing on the fewer but most likely to threaten security, they chose instead to cast their net upon everybody.

    In their PC world, it is preferred to violate the privacy of all 321 million Americans, rather than concentrate on a very small fraction of those sympathetic to Islam. Makes NO sense at all.

    While the NSA and HLS busied themselves collecting mega data of everybody, they completely dropped the ball in Ft. Hood and with the Boston Marathon. Both were forewarned of, both ignored.

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