Liberal Alan Dershowitz on CNN Says Attacks on Admin “Sound Like Joseph Stalin”


Liberal iconic lawyer Alan Dershowitz told his former student Jeffrey Tobin, “I don’t like investigations targeting, hoping we’ll find something”. It “sounds like Joseph Stalin” to Dershowitz.

There is no basis for a criminal investigation, he said.

Jeffrey Tobin and Carl Bernstein tried to say harmless talk during the campaign is a basis for a criminal fishing expedition.

Tobin thinks that because Trump said on the campaign trail that he thought Wikileaks was doing a good job, it suggests he’s colluding with Russia. I thought Wikileaks did a good job of what they were doing, does that make me a Russian spy or stooge?


  1. Bernstein and Tobin have a financial interest in the Russian scare hoax. My guess on this unexpected twist from the far left and normally irrational Dershowitz is that he favors Trump’s Israel policy so has made some pro-Trump statements.

    • . . . OR maybe it’s just the truth and sound judgment. I wouldn’t expect you to know or even suspect there’s a difference so, just run along, sonny.

  2. even Alan Dershowitz, a liberal democrat, even tells the democrats that they don’t have a thing for evidence and to back off cause they are just fishing for things and wasting a lot of time that could be used on something constructive. they are keeping this thing going and going and going just to obstruct this administration day to day operations and there is not one IOTA of evidence!!! they are a bunch of irritating hemorrhoids that is trying to make something out of completely nothing!!! it takes time out of the administrations time to answer to all the bullshit they come up with……

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