Liberal Law Professor Slams Democrats for McCarthyism


In an article for The Hill on Thursday, Alan Dershowitz went after the Democrat investigations, equating them to McCarthyism. He explained how Joseph McCarthy went after closeted commies during the Red Scare while violating the civil rights of actors, professors, lawyers, legislators, and businesspeople. He wrote:

“It is quite fair to say that back in the day, virtually all liberals and civil libertarians, led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), wanted to impose restrictions on the power of Congress to investigate, subpoena and question individuals for partisan or ideological purposes. Now the shoe is on the other foot. It is the Democrats who are abusing their congressional investigations for partisan and ideological purposes.”

He went on to say it is the Democrats “who are putting forward the phony arguments about legislative purposes, such as the need for new laws and congressional oversight. It is the Democrats in the House who are determined to misuse their legislative power to gain advantages in the upcoming elections.”

Actually, we could add to that. John and Robert Kennedy, who were Democrats, were also supportive of McCarthy’s investigations in the beginning.


In any case, he’s right when he says few want due process for their opponents.

“Now it is the Republicans who are crying foul and who are claiming that the Democrats are abusing the power of the congressional committees they control. However, no one should be surprised by this shift in attitudes because most people, especially politicians, believe in due process “for me but not for thee.” Very few citizens advocate neutral rights for all.”

It is a constant battle.


Dershowitz also went after Judge Amit Mehta for his partisan ruling to enable the new McCarthyites.

“The decision by Judge Amit Mehta to authorize broad congressional investigations of the Trump administration and President Trump himself, going back to well before he was a presidential candidate, could easily have been written by a right-wing judge in the 1950s. It swallows whole hog, the claimed legitimate legislative purposes put forward by those committees now led by the Democrats. It goes even further and suggests that a court has no power to probe the real motives behind legislative investigations, so long as the claimed motives are plausible. Under this decision that goes against civil liberties, Congress could investigate any person for any reason as long as it pretends to be doing so for a legitimate legislative purpose. The decision is an open invitation for abuse of power.”

This is what Attorney General Bill Barr complained about this week. He spoke to the American Law Institute on Nationwide Injunctions about the judicial tyranny in nationwide rulings.

Dershowitz also slammed the ACLU that “will never side with Trump in court, regardless of how abusive congressional committees may become and regardless of how many rights are violated. The ACLU is now part of the problem, not part of the solution, for this rampant abuse of civil liberties.”

He concluded:

“All civil libertarians, whether Democrat, Republican, or independent, should indeed be concerned about abuses of power by congressional committees. Today, Trump and his administration are the targets. Tomorrow, it may be Democrats. The next day, you could be the target.”

When Eric Holder kicked off Fast & Furious or when Hillary Clinton left men to die in Benghazi, the Democrats railed against probes. Now they want to investigate the President to find corruption. They don’t have a crime and plan to look until they find one or destroy him with bad publicity.

It’s hypocrisy and it’s McCarthyism, but it’s even worse than that. They are replicating the tactic used by Stalin’s secret police chief. Laventiy Beria once said, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.”

These Democrats are dangerous.

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4 years ago

This will not end well for the leftists of all stripes if it is allowed to proceed. The administration needs to take this battle to a higher court and have this decision by Judge Mehta overturned. The reason being that the opinion of no judge superscedes the U.S. Constitution. Even if the left thinks it does.

Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
4 years ago

The Democrats no longer represent any valid view of the U.S. Constitution but have sold their souls to Alinsky and to communist ideals and will eventually be the cause for the destruction of this country, of course, over our dead bodies, because we will resist to the end defending our constitution.