Liberal Media Applauds US Surrender to Syria



What The NY Times portrays as a ‘deal’ after decades of ‘inertia’, is a deal to do nothing in Syria should Syria decide to not abide by the UN agreement and give up their chemical weapons. Everyone knows it is a deal without any substance, but the press continues to carry Mr. Obama’s water and sell it as viable and effective plan, even after Mr. Obama’s embarrassing and indecisive sctions on Syria.

The UN Security Council has agreed to a resolution that will require Syria to give up its chemical weapons but it’s an agreement with no automatic enforcement measures whatsoever.

If Syria fails to comply, the Security Council could take measures under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which could include economic sanctions and military action. However, that will never happen since any action must be preceded by further deliberations of the Security Council. Russia is a member of the Security Council and holds a veto. Russia has said repeatedly that they would not enact meaningful sanctions should Syria fail to comply. They have vehemently rejected military action.

In other words, there are no repercussions. Russia and Syria have won with masterful manipulation and Obama was very willing to go along with it.

Major General Idris of The Free Syrian Army was Assad’s Brigadier General before he defected. He said recently that Assad hides his chemical weapons in Iran and Lebanon and would never relinquish them.

A prominent Iranian legislator described the US decision to halt its military strike on Syria as a major defeat for Washington, reports FARS, the Iranian News service.

“After its failure to wage war against Syria, the US seeks to refer the Muslim country’s case to the Security Council,” member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Hojatollah Souri said on Friday.

The Iranians are accurate.

The spin isn’t only limited to the US media. UN Ambassador Samantha Power said, “This resolution makes clear there will be consequences for noncompliance.’ She tweeted that the resolution established a “new norm” against the use of chemical weapons. Sadly, it is.

We plan to do the same thing in Iran. They claim they want to negotiate but won’t even meet with Obama, not even to shake his hand, claiming it would look bad in front of the Revolutionary Guard, which the Ayatollah controls!

One of the demands Iran will make is for Israel to give up their nuclear arms, something they cannot and will not do. Rouhani made that demand Friday at the UN. “As long as nuclear weapons exist, the threat of their use exists,” Rouhani said.

The media and the White House PR machine are claiming that the relationship between the US and Iran has thawed in what has to be the biggest lie yet by this administration. President Obama wants to delay and let Iran get the bomb. He will slide into negotiations as Clinton did with North Korea.

President Obama has consistently said he’d bomb Iran to keep them from getting the bomb, but no thinking person believes he would. If he leveled much tighter sanctions, he could starve them into submission, but he won’t do that either, and has rejected a Senate request to tighten sanctions because he doesn’t want to discourage Rouhani from entering talks.

Iran getting the bomb will fit his social justice mindset – Why shouldn’t Iran have a bomb if Israel does?

Obama asked an Iranian official to help him have a phone conversation with Rouhani, the mass murdering president of a state that sponsors terror. Obama had his 15-minute conversation with Rouhani as a result and then bragged about it. This is after he was roundly rejected by Rouhani on Tuesday. It’s embarrassing.


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