Liberal NY Dem Leader Affirms One of the GOP/Trump Tax Reform Assertions


Last week an astoundingly insightful comment made by a very powerful, liberal, New York  lawmaker got virtually no attention.  At first glance it seems completely nonsensical there would be, in this deep blue media hub, so little coverage of a left wing Democrat offering something truly profound.

But, looking more closely, it seems this story was buried for good reason.  You see, New York Assembly Leader, Carl Heastie (D) was caught being factually forthright while issuing a warning to semi-Marxist, NYC mayor, and fellow Democrat, Bill de Blasio.

Heastie warned the mayor against demanding a tax hike on the Big Apple’s top earners.  The leader’s extremely solid, common sense, economically sound rationale?  The GOP/Trump tax reform package limits the federal deductions of state and local taxes.

Mr. Heastie specifically cautioned, “It would be very difficult to ask those same people to pay an additional state income tax that is not federally deductible.”  Carl was telling Bill that making one per-centers pony up more dough to New York, without it being “written off”, might literally drive a gaggle of those golden geese to other, more fiscally friendly locales.

Speaker Heastie’s thoughtfulness and perspective on how this significant change in the tax code would affect his state really deserved both greater recognition and praise.  Why didn’t he get it?  Likely because, in “Blue York” the media would have had to acknowledge a high ranking liberal [leftist]Democrat Leader had affirmed one of the major GOP/Trump tax reform assertions.

The Republican’s contention has been that pressure needed to be put on the hyper taxing liberal states, whose corrupt spending was being subsidized by residents from states much more prudently managed.

Carl Heastie offered a smart, common sense nod to the new reality.  A biased media, wary of offering any kind of concession to Trump or the GOP was AWOL on what should have been a consequential story.



  1. I would only correct Heastie on ONE point.

    That is, it’s not that the confiscatory taxes levied on the average serfs in the Evil Empire State by King Andrew the Arrogant and Bolshevik Bill DeBlasio MIGHT literally drive a gaggle of those golden geese to other, more fiscally friendly locales, but that they ALREADY HAVE driven the most productive, highest tax paying citizens out of the state already.

    See here:

    But don”t worry… as long as the downstate Liberal dones keep electing Reds like Cuomo and DeBlasio, the average taxpayers in rest of the state will remain locked up in the NY Gulag Taxipeligo until they can, like those who have more resources to be able to do so, effect an escape to a state NOT run by would be power hungry, ego-maniacal would-be monarchs and far Left commissars like King Andrew and Bolshevik Bill.

  2. I am posting an article here which I got from the internet, that some of you might remember back in 2013, or so, when famous actor Gerard Depardieu left France after socialist president Hollande, at that time, raised taxes once again on the rich. It is an article worth reading and an excellent reminder to DeBlasio of what could very easily take place in his own city:

    Depardieu has become a Russian citizen after the 75% French tax on wealthy citizens. A short message on the Kremlin website announced this news.
    “Vladimir Putin has signed a decree granting Russian citizenship to Gerard Depardieu,” the message read.
    Depardieu recently announced he would give up his French passport after the government criticised his decision to move abroad to avoid higher taxes (see beow).
    In December, Putin said he would be happy to welcome the actor in Russia.
    “I’m sure the French authorities did not want to offend Mr Depardieu. But if he’d like to have a Russian passport, consider it settled,” Putin said during his annual news conference on 20 December.
    Few Frenchmen are more recognizable at home and abroad than the movie star Gerard Depardieu. Last week, Depardieu caused a great controversy in his native land by moving to Belgium — partly to avoid the 75% income tax on the wealthy that was introduced by the socialist President of France, Francois Hollande. Depardieu’s move was condemned by the French political establishment, including the Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault who called the actor’s action “pathetic.”
    Depardieu shot back; in an open letter to Monsieur Ayrault, he wrote, “I’m leaving because you think success, creation, talent and anything different should be punished. I am sending you back my passport and social security, which I have never used.” The French actor claims to have “paid 85% taxes on his revenues this year [2012] and estimated that he had paid €145m ($189m) in total since he started work as a printer at the age of 14.”
    The lessons from Monsieur Hollande’s debacle should be obvious. The rich are a mobile lot and there are plenty of countries that will welcome them with open arms. The British Prime Minister David Cameron, for example, has promised to “roll out a red carpet” for the French tax refuges.
    Moreover, as my colleague Alan Reynolds reminds us, high tax rates on income may discourage many wealthy people from remaining in the labor force, since, to use economic jargon, their elasticity of taxable income is much higher than that of low and middle income earners. Translated into English, people like me have to work even if our tax rates go up, because we have to come up with money to pay our mortgages, student loans, etc. The rich people don’t.
    The French government was warned of the negative consequences of tax increases. It chose to ignore those warnings. Instead, the French socialists assumed that they could go on plucking the golden goose indefinitely. (Then again, the socialist grasp on reality has never been very good.)
    Of course, when idiotic policies backfire, politicians feign surprise and then shift the blame onto others. Thus, French Labor Minister Michel Sapin asked in a radio interview “What is more normal than those who earn enormous amounts of money paying lots of tax?” The French Culture and Communication Minister Aurelie Filippetti bemoaned Depardieu’s action by stating that “We shouldn’t be receiving moral lessons from people who abandon the battlefield when we need everyone to be mobilized.”
    So, there you have it. A great actor who started with nothing and built a spectacular career that revived the French movie industry and filled the coffers of the French state is condemned for finally standing up for himself by a member of parasitic political elite that has brought a great country to the edge of fiscal ruin. Straight out of Ayn Rand’s novel.

  3. Heastie can make peace with comrade DiBlasio if he suggests to focus on wealthy republicans and not include wealthy libs.
    The only problem might be when they find out that there are more wealthy libs in town than wealthy republicans!!!!
    Point made when the numbers came out that 7 out of 10 of the wealthiest Congressmen are dems and not republicans. I guess they can use that as a comparison; and they love polls!!!

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