Liberal NY Dem Leader Affirms One of the GOP/Trump Tax Reform Assertions


Last week an astoundingly insightful comment made by a very powerful, liberal, New York  lawmaker got virtually no attention.  At first glance it seems completely nonsensical there would be, in this deep blue media hub, so little coverage of a left wing Democrat offering something truly profound.

But, looking more closely, it seems this story was buried for good reason.  You see, New York Assembly Leader, Carl Heastie (D) was caught being factually forthright while issuing a warning to semi-Marxist, NYC mayor, and fellow Democrat, Bill de Blasio.

Heastie warned the mayor against demanding a tax hike on the Big Apple’s top earners.  The leader’s extremely solid, common sense, economically sound rationale?  The GOP/Trump tax reform package limits the federal deductions of state and local taxes.

Mr. Heastie specifically cautioned, “It would be very difficult to ask those same people to pay an additional state income tax that is not federally deductible.”  Carl was telling Bill that making one per-centers pony up more dough to New York, without it being “written off”, might literally drive a gaggle of those golden geese to other, more fiscally friendly locales.

Speaker Heastie’s thoughtfulness and perspective on how this significant change in the tax code would affect his state really deserved both greater recognition and praise.  Why didn’t he get it?  Likely because, in “Blue York” the media would have had to acknowledge a high ranking liberal [leftist]Democrat Leader had affirmed one of the major GOP/Trump tax reform assertions.

The Republican’s contention has been that pressure needed to be put on the hyper taxing liberal states, whose corrupt spending was being subsidized by residents from states much more prudently managed.

Carl Heastie offered a smart, common sense nod to the new reality.  A biased media, wary of offering any kind of concession to Trump or the GOP was AWOL on what should have been a consequential story.


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