Liberals Blame Guns, GOP for Liberal Shooting Republicans


We want to say that we believe in free speech but the hate coming from the left really knows no bounds and they are now blaming the victim and guns.

After spreading hate, after threatening Republicans and Trump day and night, the Democrats are very defensive over a Bernie Sanders guy shooting Republicans on Twitter. They seem to be tweeting from the Twilight Zone. Here are a few samples:

  • Trump started this mess so don’t blame Democrats
  • If they listen to Rush, they blame Democrats for everyone and everything
  • I’m sure the faux news, Rush, and the rest of the real fake news media will blame the shooting on Democrats 

Instead of saying it’s Trump’s fault and he started it, let’s go back to the hate-filled and divisive Barack Obama.

The shooter’s, Hodgkinson’s Facebook pages repeat all the Democrat talking points. They have just been taken down, but the pages are full of anti-Trump, anti-Koch brothers, horrible Republicans who want to kill people blather. He was a member of the 13,000 plus-member group – ‘Terminate The Republican Party’. He was a supporter of everything left and bought into all of their fake news, including the Russian BS.

His Facebook page sounded like a CNN panel discussion.

This lunatic called Republicans the “Taliban”. Democrats have called Republicans the “Taliban” and “Pol Pot” on the floor of the Senate. They’ve called Trump “Hitler”.

This guy bought it all.

Democrats, within seconds of the shooting, blamed the victim and guns.

  • Scalise took over $7000 from the @NRA last election cycle. I hope he’s ok and that this event changes his mind on gun control.
  • Sending Steve Scalise the same empty ‘thoughts and prayers’ he offers gun victims while taking tens of thousands of dollars from the #nra.
  • Thoughts and prayers to Steve Scalise who accepted $18,500 from the NRA and wants more guns on the streets.
  • Is it too soon to point out that Scalise has an A+ rating from the @NRA?

Let us take time to recall some Democrat hate: the Professor who said Republicans should be “lined up and shot”, the Newsweek/Vanity Fair writer/editor Kurt Eichenwald who wished all Republicans to “die”, the Shakespeare play depicting the brutal stabbing of Trump and the killing of his wife, the Antifa who hope to “stab” Republicans, Rep, Lewis who said the KKK is more redeemable than Republicans, hate by Kaine and Lynch, a NYC senator’s hate, Democrats saying we want to kill granny, Comey hate, hate-filled anti-white Democrat racists, the cops as pigs painting in the hall of Congress, and the fake Russia attack on Trump which even Comey admitted Trump was never and is not as of April the subject of the investigation. The people who actually colluded with Russia are Obama, Hillary, and Podesta.

By the way, he was a volunteer on the Bernie campaign but no one can remember him and everyone says he’s a great guy who they could never imagine hurting anyone.

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