Trump Derangement Syndrome! Libs Believe Comic’s Parody on Trump Watching Gorilla Channel


A comic’s parody ‘Fire And Fury’ excerpt on Trump watching the ‘Gorilla Channel’ went vial and do you know why? Because libs thought it was real. This joke went on for hours with people thinking it was real. They so wanted it to be real.

On Thursday evening, Twitter account @pixelatedboat tweeted out the parody.

It’s very funny.

He was pointing to the absurdities people will believe when they want to believe them.

MSNBC’s Scott Dworkin believed it but when he realized he was being mocked on Twitter he deleted it. It’s not surprising he fell for it since he hates Trump and works for a fake news channel.

At least half the people who saw the comic’s tweet believed it. Is it surprising that desperate Trump haters believe this story?

Netflix had to tweet asking people to stop calling their hotline.

We say, no gorilla channel? What an outrage! Cancel your Netflix subscription. We don’t have to tolerate a network without a gorilla channel.

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