Libs Get It Too! Only OT Win in Super Bowl History, Biggest Blown Lead Since Hillary 2016!


The Patriots were down 25 points at the second half of the Super Bowl. No one has ever come from a 19 point deficit. ESPN gave the Falcon’s chances of winning at 99.7 percent. They all but won.

Then, as if Brady was playing us, he steadily climbed back. The comeback kid was just waiting for his moment and the fumble came and then the Falcons had to punt. From 3rd quarter on, the Patriots steadily carved up the Falcons.

THIS WAS THE FIRST OVERTIME in the history of the Super Bowl. It’s the 51st Super Bowl.

This is how dramatic it was.

Goodell had to congratulate Brady. This was so great too.

Word has it the New England fans gave Goodell a frosty welcome.

As dramatic as Brady’s win is — sorry libs for this reminder — President Donald Trump said they’d win by 8 points! Pretty close,

It was the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.

There’s a hashtag trending on Twitter, #NotMySuperBowlChamps!

Phony black person, white Shaun King didn’t delete his tweet but we’re all saving it for him.

Brady is Trump’s friend — he likes Trump. The libs and loons have been demanding Brady explain himself because he likes Trump. Will they make him explain this?

The loons have reacted

This one doesn’t want to live?

It cost her money.

Normally, this writer would not root for the Patriots. Jet fans root for the Falcons but I made an exception in this one case.

In the end, Trump was right again!

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