Libs Irate Over “Goodie-Two-Shoes” Police Arresting Looters in NC


While thousands of people struggle to overcome the damage left behind by Hurricane Florence, citizens in Wilmington broke into the closed Family Dollar Saturday on Greenfield Street to steal anything they could find, WISTV reported.

On Friday dozens upon dozens of people were seen and videotaped carrying items back to the public housing community Houston Moore. Others were taking stolen items to their cars. Looters threw bottles at reporters as they took video.

Another reporter, Hannah Brewer of WFMY, posted the following raw footage to youtube.


The police posted a tweet earlier in the day on the 15th, saying they were given a stand down order by the store manager which for some reason they agreed to.

Before long, the management and/or the police changed their minds as the looting continued.

The leftists were unhappy about the change of heart. While some looters were white, it quickly became a race issue.

“White folks all up in arms about people looting the dollar store but church mouse quiet about the government looting FEMA…Yeah sounds about white,” tweeted one.

“Sounds about white,” said a white woman in response to the police tweet saying they would. prosecute to the “fullest extent.”

“And we don’t need any black people shot and killed over a toothbrush. RELAX! Have some compassion and understanding. The whole “unfortunately …” leaves a bad taste. It sounds like “we’d love to shoot ’em but…”. Shame on your P.R. person”,” another white lib wrote.

One sane person responded, “I’m pretty sure COLOR has nothing to do with this, as I saw white people *ahem, STEALING* too. The problem is we’re saying that it’s okay for people to BREAK INTO a business and take things. I doubt all they took was necessities,” she wrote.

Mostly, it was not about race and the majority of people responding to the police tweet looked to be white. It was a matter of leftists claiming it’s okay to loot if you live in a housing project or have some other good reason.

One man tweeted, “Some people call it stealing and others call it surviving…I guess it really depends on what your situation is and how close to the natural disaster you are! I say that most looters are just trying to survive at this point…no food, running water, or power for many.”

Another woman wrote, “If Family Dollar at any point said to allow them to take it, it instantly became free stuff. Everyone that went in after that announcement was under the impression that it was being given away, so how can you prosecute these people?”

One person said, “You are bad people” [police]. Later clarifying with a rationalization, “The stock was going to be destroyed in the storm anyways, and the property owners did not wish to press charges.” [there was no flooding around the store at that time and none expected.]

Another said, “It’s a doller store, their literally isn’t enough there for it to be more then petty theft. Go rescue people or something.”

The leftists were out rationalizing, excusing, and giving no thought to who has to pay for this. Here are a few more beauts.

“Remember during Katrina when the government failed, and all over the United States, people watched as corpses were covered from lack of basic needs. Maybe not, but I bet the people you are going to prosecute to the fullest extent do.”

“What are the exact charges?”

If you stole every item from a Family Dollar when it’s dry, you would make $10. If someone loots a flooded Family Dollar, give them a medal for helping clear it out.

“can’t believe you goodie two shoe dickwads”

“What, are you bored or something? May I suggest lying facedown in a kiddie pool?”

“They’re not encouraging looting …they are being gracious in a time of need. Have you ever barely survived regular life and then had to survive a DEADLY hurricane too? People are just trying to eat drink and wipe their ass. Back off my city, please. Always some evil folks like you around, these people are in a desperate situation. Family Dollar recognizes this and understands.”

Liberals/leftists encourage criminal behavior and they need to share in the blame. They aren’t doing anyone any favors by promoting criminal acts. These leftists don’t suffer the consequences. The dopes who listen to them do.



  1. just the usual bunch of low I.Q. rocket scientists and white trash… hey libs it is still against the law.

    looks like a target rich environment to me.

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