Libs/leftists ruin another cherished piece of history


Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.

~ Joseph Stalin

California State University, Long Beach is asking the public to help chose a new mascot. The school will ditch the “Prospector Pete” mascot and hide the iconic bronze statue somewhere, never to be seen again.

The results of the new mascot poll will be announced May 9 before they are handed over to President Jane Close Conoley. She will make the final decision, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Who can we expect? Cesar Chavez or some other communist, perhaps?

The old “Prospector Pete” mascot has long been a part of the university’s history, but SJWs don’t like our history. It refers to California’s gold rush and it’s a pun off founding president Pete Peterson.

“Prospector Pete evolved from the creation of the campus in 1949 and founding President Pete Peterson’s reference to having ‘struck the gold of education’ by establishing the college,” the L.A. Times reported.

Liberals/leftists/SJW know-nothings are destroying this part of history. They destroy everything they touch. The offended know nothings claim “Prospector Pete” represents “colonization, white supremacy, racism and exclusion,” according to The College Fix.

These angry people spend all their time looking for things to offend them.


In September, the university’s Associated Students Inc. began working on 2018-17 Retirement of Prospector Pete and Dissociation from the Gold Rush Era.

The resolution states that the campus, built in 1949, was erected on a village of the Puvungna tribe, and California’s indigenous people, the Tongva, and having such a statue is considered discriminatory.

So they are going back to a time long gone. They say the prospectors were guilty of “violent and genocidal acts” against them. The Indians did their fair share of violent and genocidal acts too.

The Gold Rush Era was from 1848-1865 and if these people knew their history, they would have known that California was a free state and many slaves and other blacks traveled there to create a new life. Some were prospectors.

The statue was created as a work of art and was never intended to insult anyone. The man who posed for it in 1949 wasn’t a prospector.

Pete Was a Kind and Generous Man

Walter “Pete” Peterhauser was born in the Swiss canton of Lucerne on Dec. 23, 1832. He escaped the 1847’s Sonderbund civil war aboard a ship as a deckhand. He lived a kind and loving life, giving quietly to charity. When he died he left his money to the less fortunate. Peter didn’t ask for a statue but people knew he deserved one.

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this is where you place a name
this is where you place a name
4 years ago

The March Through the Institutions. A path of destruction meant to liberate people from Western Civ when they didn’t ask for any such liberation.
Enjoy the new Dark Ages and never stop rubbing their faces in the shit of utopia FAIL and coercion disguised as concern.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

The precious arrogant Socialists look for anything to allow them to erect monuments of Marxism that fir their narratives of Progressive principles not freedom or liberty.

4 years ago

How about a giant pussy?
Then all you snowflakes can go around wearing your pussy hats and think you are doing something really brave.
What a bunch of idiots!