Libs “Outraged” After Polar Bear Killed When It Injured a Crew Member


Libs are reportedly “outraged” — internationally outraged — after a polar bear was killed by a guard on a German cruise ship. The bear attacked and injured a crew member. The guards first tried to scare it away but that didn’t work.

Police spokesman Ole Jakob Malmo said two members of the 12-man crew that set foot on the most northern island of the Svalbard archipelago ahead of tourists on Saturday first tried to ward off the bear “by shouting and making loud noises as well as firing a signal pistol, but to no effect.”

A 42-year-old German man who was not identified sustained minor head injuries from the attack, Malmo said.


Animal rights activists — libs — say they had no right to let tourists into polar bear territory. They falsely claimed the polar bear is vulnerable, although we have long since discovered their numbers are growing.

The German cruise ship operator Hapag Lloyd Cruises said on its Facebook page that the purpose wasn’t to observe polar bears.

British comedian Ricky Gervais took to Twitter to call the tourists “morons”. Another user, Jane Roberts, said that if such tourism was banned, guards “wouldn’t be needed to protect gawking tourists. And polar bears would be left in peace and not shot dead merely to satisfy a photo op.”

Another user said we have to find a better way to live together.

Another said, bears don’t deserve to die, people do.

Libs would prefer the guards all get killed before one polar bear is shot. They also now claim no one can go into land that polar bears inhabit. Want to bet the cruise ship has to cross the stop off their tour?


Libs have all sorts of misinformation about polar bears. National Geographic recently had to come clean about a fraud they let go on for nearly a year.

National Geographic Admits ‘Starving Polar Bear’ Was a Bit of a Fraud

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