Lie That New Administration’s Tied to Russia Blew Up Today


President-elect Donald Trump hardly sounded like a Putin lapdog when he spoke of Russia Wednesday during his first presser since winning election.

As Trump Said, Anyone Really Believe Hillary Would Be Tougher?

Listen to a few of his comments in this next clip.

Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been the subject of a lot of scurrilous supposition and conjecture in the media. One of those accusations is that he is in bed with Russia. He sure didn’t sound like it today.

Tillerson’s Impressive

Rex Tillerson equated himself very well during his first confirmation hearing. The media will be hard-put to say he is tight with Russia after this testimony. Being too tough will be the next accusation.

When asked about Obama’s sanctions, the former Exxon CEO said he is advocating for “responses that deter…a bad actor’s behavior.”

Tillerson was troubled by the hacking report.

In the next clip, he says the seizure of Crimea by Russia was clearly illegal.

He was grilled on why he won’t call Russia a “war criminal”. He said he simply doesn’t have enough information. At the end of the next clip he agrees that if he had information that verifies Russia and Syria bombed innocents in hospitals in Aleppo, he would agree they are war criminals.

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Bob M
Bob M
7 years ago

I’m going to snip Trump’s “Gimme a break” and post it in response to all those ridiculous things people post