Lieawatha Says “We Want a Free & Independent Press” But Not Fox


Elizabeth Warren told Ari Melber on MSNBC, a Fox-Trump-hate channel, that she understands why the DNC won’t let Fox News host a Democratic Primary.

[We understand too. Democrats don’t like primaries and don’t want anyone to ask tough questions not given to the candidates in advance.]

“I do understand that when more and more keeps coming out about how Fox News was just operating as an arm of the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration, boy, that doesn’t much look like we really have a free and independent press,” Warren said on MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber,” Friday.

“It just looks like a propaganda machine,” she said.

[And all of MSM doesn’t look like hate-Trump, hate-Republican propaganda?]

She is a liar. If you watch Fox News during the day, Fox sounds like a left-wing media outlet. They are just fairer than every other outlet which are propaganda arms of the Democrat [Socialist] Party. In fact, I often wonder if the MSM isn’t the boss and the Democrats are merely doing their bidding.

In this clip, she refers to news coming out about Fox News from far-far-left NY Magazine that is nothing but propaganda. That is allegedly what made her think this is the right move. She’s lying of course. These people think we’re stupid. They count on it.

The lying white woman says she wants a “free and independent press” at the same time she is stifling the only outlet that has a different take on the political scene.

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