Like, It’s Like, Everyone Is Spying on Me, Like So Weird ~ AOC


Alexandria OMao-Cortez is a champ at using social media and is already a Twitter superstar. She has 3.19 million followers on the platform, but many are preordained by the Socialist conglomerates who tell their peeps to friend her.

Cortez is so accomplished at maneuvering the social media sewer that she gave Twitter lessons to her Democrat colleagues in Congress. There was no word on how that went.

Her latest video is quite something. She’s trying to present herself as your BFF, sharing the latest gossip.

Cortez says in the clip everyone is spying on her and texting about her. If they are, it might not be good. She is, after all, the author of the Flatulent Cows New Deal.

Whispering at first, as if she doesn’t want anyone else to hear, she says in the video below something along the lines, but here in D.C. it’s like so weird. Everybody is like a spy. It’s so bizarre. You could go out to get a cup of coffee and the person in the corner of the restaurant is like is like, you know, then they begin texting, like, like, like…like wow. 

I’m exaggerating, but only a little.

Is she really a congresswoman? Who voted for her?

If they are talking and texting about her, they could be wondering how she got a degree in economics after her fiasco with Amazon. She thought she had $3 billion to spend if they didn’t open up a headquarters in Long Island City. Most New Yorkers and most people living in Long Island City wanted Amazon and their 25,000 jobs.

Or perhaps they are discussing the end of air travel and taking trains to Hawaii under AOC’s leadership.

We only have 12 years before climate disaster befalls us, according to her, so it’s a mystery as to why she would care if people are talking about her.


Next is her brilliant Amazon deal analysis. It’s like, like wow, so weird, especially since she refused to even meet with the Amazon representatives.

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