Likely DNC Chair Refuses Interview to Answer for His Farrakhan Affiliations



Keith Ellison has a very radical past and he’s not that old so to say it’s past is prologue. He not only received financial support from terror-tied groups, he was once a firm supporter and employee of hate-monger Louis Farrakhan according to reports. Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam is a hate group, that’s even according to the Southern Poverty Center.

Ellison is in line to be the next Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and as such will be the face of the party. Some might see that as appropriate since that is what the party stands for now, but there are Democrats who are concerned according to Maggie Haberman of the New York Times.

His views about Israel are also to the left of the Democrat Party’s platform. The NY Times had an interview set up with him when he suddenly backed out, after learning he would be asked about his past affiliations with anti-Semite, anti-white Louis Farrakhan.

Via the The New York Times

Aides to Mr. Ellison were going to make him available for a telephone interview, but then declined when informed that he would be asked about his past comments on Mr. Farrakhan. They emailed a list of his links to the Jewish community and a statement that said, “Democrats need an organizer who will energize the grass-roots across this country to build the party from the bottom up.”

Ellison claims he is opposed to Farrakhan and has supported Israel at other times so why won’t he explain his past employment and affiliation? He was an adult when he supported Farrakhan.

The Future Democratic National Committee Chairman Is Tied to Radical Islamists

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