Limbaugh Answers the Question: Can the Media Destroy Trump?


Rush Limbaugh told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday a while back that the media is trying to destroy Donald Trump but they won’t succeed. They won’t win because people believe that if Hillary won, it would have been the end of the country. Trump was the one who promised to save it. The media tries to destroy him every day but Trump doesn’t fit their mold.

Are the media an enemy of the people, Wallace asked? Rush said, “there is something to it”. They’re enemies of Trump and he won the election. Trump has been more transparent than any presidential candidate in modern times and he is trying to live up to his promises. His connection to his voters can only be broken by him. The media can’t do it.

Wallace asked Limbaugh about his discussing the ‘Deep State’ on his show as possibly too conspiratorial. Limbaugh explained that reporter Glenn Greenwald coined the term ‘Deep State’, not him. He does think ‘Deep State’ is legitimate and of course the Democrats are behind the leaks.

The Democrats are a marginal party that lost 1200 seats, he said. They can’t win on ideas so they are trying to win through sabotage. All they have are their embeds in the government and in the judiciary.

It’s absurd to think the Russians had anything to do with Hillary’s loss, he added, explaining why he believes that.

Obama was never challenged seriously by the media and everyone was on board, Rush said. Trump has no one supporting him but the people who voted for him and he has to keep them revved up, which he is doing.

The thing that will make him succeed is getting rid of Obamacare, getting tax reform, and shoring up the borders.

We’ve even lost the definition of immigration. The left has redefined it as anyone who wants to come in – can. That’s not immigration. We’re ruining our opportunity to stay together as a people.

The former president misled the public about a number of things including the Stimulus which was only payoff to unions. The economy hasn’t improved. People are sick of being misled.

When asked about the state of the Trump presidency, he said the media wants people to believe it’s utter chaos but Trump is on track to do what he thinks is necessary to save the country.

This morning I heard on the news that Trump is three times more unpopular than he was when he took office. However, he was at 40% in approval rating then and he still is now. So, I ask all you mathematicians out there how this is possible. In fact, an NBC/WSJ survey shows 54% of the people think Trump got off to a fair to great start. When Obama took over, 79% thought Obama got off to a fair to great start.

That’s not even reasonable to think the Obama poll is accurate. Nearly half the nation was opposed to him from day one.

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