Lin Wood Says He Expects a “Multitude of Civil Lawsuits”


Famed media Attorneys Lin Wood and Tom McMurtry issued a statement warning that there will be a “multitude of civil lawsuits” on behalf of Covington Catholic school student Nick Sandmann.

There will be justice.

“We fully expect that a multitude of civil lawsuits will be filed and aggressively pursued. We recognize that justice for Nick will not be achieved quickly, but we are dedicated to achieving it for this young man regardless of time or expense,” the attorneys wrote.

At the same time, Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders estimated there are hundreds of online threats against these kids. He and prosecutors from other jurisdictions are tracking them down.

The school had a heavy police presence this week. They too were under threat.


Nick Sandmann, 16 years of age, and the other students who went to the March for Life in D.C. last weekend were accosted by a radical hate group called the Hebrew Israelites.

The group was screaming insults and curses at the boys as they waited for their bus home. After a while, Nathan Phillips, a radical Native American who attended an Indigenous Peoples’ March, walked up to Sandmann and started beating a drum a few inches from the boy’s face for long minutes. Phillips told him to go back to Europe. Sandmann smiled at one point to make him realize he wasn’t a threat and to calm the situation.

Sandmann thought he had successfully defused the situation, but what he didn’t know is someone clipped the video taken during the encounter. The clip that went viral was of a brief moment when Sandmann smiled, claiming Sandmann was smirking.

The boys who thought Phillips was friendly and beating to their cheers were cheering with Philliops, not mocking the nasty old liar. That was misinterpreted by the social media sewer rats and the media as the boys taunting him.

It is now clear Phillips is a liar and troublemaker as were the fake Israelites.

The two radical groups are racists ironically, not the boys.

We would like to recommend the lawsuits include Kathy Griffin and Maggie Haberman, two horrible women who don’t seem to think facts matter.

Another attorney, Robert Barnes, is representing a number of families in a class action lawsuit.

This is the only way these vile people can be reined in and made to realize they can’t just malign people.


ATLANTA, Jan. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On January 18, in the span of a few hours, Nick Sandmann’s peaceful attendance with his Covington Catholic classmates at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. was turned into a personal nightmare when Nick became the focus of false and defamatory accusations published and broadcast across the nation and the world.

A mob comprised of activists, church and school officials, members of the mainstream print and broadcast media, and individuals on social media, including elected public officials and celebrities, rushed to condemn and vilify this young man by burying him in an avalanche of false accusations, false portrayals, and cyberbullying that have threatened his reputation and his physical safety. Nick Sandmann is 16 years old.

He is an eleventh-grade high school student. He is not the face of evil and he did absolutely nothing wrong or inappropriate in connection with the incident to deserve the heinous accusations made against him by uninformed or agenda-driven individuals and media entities.

Nick and his family have experienced one of the worst sides of our present society. As their lawyers, we intend to exercise our best efforts as advocates to show Nick and his family another side of our society – that we are a society that survives and flourishes from the fact that it is based on the rule of law. A system of justice that demands that truth prevail and the wrongdoers be held accountable for the harm they have inflicted on Nick and his family.

In the coming weeks, we will be carefully reviewing all of the false accusations and threats made against Nick. We fully expect that a multitude of civil lawsuits will be filed and aggressively pursued. We recognize that justice for Nick will not be achieved quickly, but we are dedicated to achieving it for this young man regardless of time or expense.

At this time, Nick, his family and their lawyers will not be engaging in media interviews. There is work to be done. If any member of the public has information, they believe is helpful to Nick, that information can be communicated to us by email to

Nick and his family sincerely appreciate the fair-minded individuals who respect our system of justice and refused to rush to judgment before the truth was revealed. Our efforts are not about politics, race or religion. Our efforts are only about justice for Nick.

L. Lin Wood 
(404) 891-1402

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