Linda Sarsour Calls Jake Tapper a White Nationalist for Not Supporting a Cop Killer


Radical Islamist and Woman’s March organizer Linda Sarsour accused CNN anchor Jake Tapper of being a member of the alt-right, a small white nationalist faction on the extremely small far-right contingent.

Jake Tapper called her out for supporting cop killer Joanne Chesimard and for her other “ugly sentiments”. It’s probably the only centrist thing I’ve ever heard him say. Maybe he’s schizophrenic.

Sarsour responded as any nasty, terrorist apologist would. She accused him of being a white nationalist.

Sarsour challenged Tapper to “please share” evidence of her ugly sentiments. “Unapologetically Muslim? Unapologetically Palestinian? Pro-immigrant? Pro-justice?” she asked. “Shame.”

He responded by mentioning her comments about Aysan Hirsi Ali for one. Sarsour has been calling Ayaan hateful when it is Sarsour spreading hate.

She went after Ali, a victim of female genital mutilation, along with Brigitte Gabriel:

There was backlash and she deleted the tweet. She later lied and suggested she never tweeted it.

Black Lives Matter unsurprisingly supports cop killers

Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza also took issue with Tapper’s tweets, calling them “intentionally inflammatory.”

“How about being part of a gang that kills a NJ State Trooper?” Tapper responded. “Is that considered inflammatory?”

Even more disturbing is the large number of tweets from the dopes on the left calling criticism of praising a cop killer “right-wing” extremism.

Radical CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill loves his cop killer

CNN’s hardcore leftist Marc Lamont Hill also tweeted out his birthday wishes to convicted cop killer, Joanne Chesimard. She is also accused kidnapping, bank robbery, ambushing police, and she’s wanted in a grenade attack. She is the first woman to make the FBI’s Most Wanted list and she’s still on it. Hill used the hashtag “HandsOffAssata”.

This is CNN’s favored commentator.

He engaged in a twitter storm with his critics. She is innocent, he claimed, when there is no question Chesimard is guilty. His tweet followed the Women’s March tweet wishing her a Happy Birthday.

Read more about Shakur here:

And here:

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6 years ago

He responded by mentioning her comments about Aysan Hirsi Ali for one.

So the sellout was paying attention after all.

As for the feminist, Black, white and otherwise, they will sell their soul, their genitalia and that belonging to every woman in their party to the likes of CAIR.