Lindsey Feels Good with the President’s Syria Decision Since a Few Hours Ago


Since last night, Senator Lindsey Graham has decided he supports Trump’s Syria decision. What a difference a day makes.

After insisting the President’s decision on Syria was “the most screwed up decision I’ve ever seen,” Lindsey now says that after speaking with the president yesterday he is “increasingly optimistic this could turn out very well.”

Last night on ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine,’ Lindsey said that if American troops are pulled out of Syria, ISIS will come back, there could be another 9/11 and President Trump “will own it.”

But, today is another day, and Lindsey spoke with the President. That was enough for Lindsey.


BARTIROMO: It could turn out very well.

This is completely different than what you have been saying all week. You have been a staunch criticizer of the president’s move to pull all the troops out of Syria.


BARTIROMO: You said, in fact, on this program just two weeks ago, if we abandon the Kurds, ISIS is going to come back and that there’s an attack on our allies.

So, you have changed your mind based on what you have heard from the president last night?


I still believe that, if we abandon the Kurds, nobody helps you in the future. They have lost 10,000 fighters to destroy the caliphate. But there are 15,000 or 20,000 ISIS fighters running around in Syria and Iraq.

A small contingent of Americans providing airpower and capability will keep ISIS at bay and keep the jails locked up and the Kurds — I mean, the ISIS fighters won’t break out.

What I heard from the president was a very — play the ball as you lie is a concept in golf. Well, after Erdogan’s invasion, things have gotten scrambled in Syria.

But I see a way forward now that really, quite frankly, is historic, historic security for Turkey, historic security for the Kurds. A plan to keep ISIS down and out forever, and a chance to keep the oil fields in the hands of our allies, not our enemies, would be a hell of an outcome, and I think that’s now possible.


File this under, “WHAAAAAAAAT?”

Instead of having these knee-jerk reactions, Republicans should wait and see what the President has in mind. He’s earned their trust, yet they continue to join with Democrats first and then realize they look like fools.

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