Lindsey Graham Bashes Trump Sunday, Praised Him on Saturday


On NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Lindsey Graham, who agrees Comey should have been fired, said Trump needs to “clean up the mess that he mostly created”.

“He really, I think, did his staff a disservice by changing the explanation,” Graham said.

Who needs the Democrats to bash Trump when you have John McCain and Lindsey Graham. That’s rhetorical.

Referencing Trump’s tweet warning Comey he better hope their conversation wasn’t taped,  Graham said, “You can’t be cute about tapes.”

Democrats are demanding tapes be turned over. First of all, Trump didn’t say he had tapes and, secondly, he doesn’t have to turn over any tapes.

What the media won’t report are the positive comments Graham made praising Donald Trump on Saturday.

At a South Carolina Republican convention, he praised Trump as “open-minded” and willing to listen.

“What have I learned about our president? He’s curious, he asks questions, and he knows no fear,” Graham said, according to a video recording of his remarks at the South Carolina Republican convention. “And he’s under siege unlike any president I’ve ever seen in my entire life … They don’t believe he won; I do. Now Obama was somewhat hard for us, but I thought we were somewhat respectful…

…”Let me tell you that you have a commander in chief that’s not going to let this country get walked over anymore,” Graham said.

“He calls and I’m honored that he would call me and I want to help him,” he continued. “He calls me when I’m asleep and he calls me after I go to bed. I wish he would rest more. I gave him my phone number. So far so good.”

It would be nice if the media would report the positive comments he makes.
Graham is inexplicable. Does he have to talk every day?

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