Lindsey Graham Betrays Americans to Attack Abuse Memo


Lindsey Graham betrayed Americans and his colleagues Saturday. He teamed up with GOP traitors John McCain and Jeff Flake to tear down the findings of his courageous colleagues in the House. As if that wasn’t enough, he did it at the New York Times.

Lindsey Graham went to the New York Times to belittle the FISA abuse memo. He called the release of the memo a “debacle” and said it exaggerates the use of the dossier.

The Nunes Memo revealed nothing of significance, he said, and most certainly did not undermine the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Mueller.

“Mr. Steele’s work product was one piece of a larger puzzle as it relates to Mr. Page and others. I expect the Democratic memo in response will likely provide further context,” he said putting down the central proof in the memo.

“I’m the chair of the Judiciary Crime Subcommittee with oversight of the FBI,” he said. “I don’t particularly appreciate having to read about it in the paper.”

Poor Lindsey was offended. This is a guy who needs to be sidelined. He’s an albatross around the neck of the Republicans in Congress.

He suggested the FISA abuse memo was not the best avenue for informing the public. “A partisan memo is going to lead to another partisan memo,” he said, knowing how venomous that was to say.

If Mitch McConnell was worth a grain of salt, he would pull this windbag traitor off every committee he is on, but he’s not and he won’t.

Graham might be protecting his fellow swamp critter John McCain who is very involved in the dossier “debacle”.

The ineffective South Carolina senator did call for a second special counsel because the one thing he does do is play all sides of the street.

“I like the FBI, I like the Department of Justice. But we need a special counsel to look at potential abuses of power,” Graham said during an appearance on a local NBC broadcast in Augusta, Georgia. “Somebody needs to watch the watchers.”

The FISA process needs to be looked at, he said, but definitely not because of the Nunes memo, he added.

The memo is not the Nunes memo which he apparently doesn’t know. It was written by Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy and two investigators.

Graham and his revolting friends, McCain and Flake, are making these comments knowing the abuse memo exposed very serious corruption at the DoJ/FBI.


The Democrats gave a 6-page rebuttal memo to NBC News Saturday.

The House Minority report says the FISA abuse memo is “deliberately misleading and deeply wrong on the law.”

Graham just gave them some more talking points. Heck, he probably helped Democrats write it.

The rebuttal memo has to go through the same process the abuse memo went through so they sped things up and gave a rebuttal to NBC News. You can read it here. Devin Nunes played by the rules but Democrats have no rules.

The rebuttal memo is misleading and does nothing to refute the abuse memo. It merely confuses and distracts.

Graham, McCain and Flake are Democrats’ best allies but Democrats just look at them as if they were useful idiots.

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Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
5 years ago

Lindsey Graham lies like a democrat….he might as well switch parties.

5 years ago

Here’s a good analysis of corresponding news articles in relation to Nunes Memo.

Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

The ones squealing the most about the memo are the ones who have the most to hide/lose. Lindsay is trying to protect his “brother from another mother” Senator McCain. Could backfire cause very few people really know about John’s pivotal in the bringing the dossier to the fore. That might change quickly.

5 years ago

Maybe Schiff is scared schiffless that the Clinton operative, Cody Shearer and his Dossier 2.0 was also taken to the FISA court. That would be truly damaging because it’s not Just with “political origins” but a “dirty trickster”. It Could also create abject fear in the FBI / DOJ to have been duped and the ramifications From the Court could be devastating.

5 years ago

(1) FISC found probable cause Page is a foreign agent.

All that says is the Court took the evidence that was presented and made that determination. They have to assume all the Ex-Parte evidence is complete and accurate. If there is any deviation they would not Know.

From a cursory examination of Franks v. Delaware (1978), this case has absolutely NOTHING to do with a FISA court. It considers a defendant’s right of challenge in evidence collected. To cite such a case is blatant ignorance. Because FISA deals with Constitutional waivers, so to speak, as the defendant has and cannot have knowledge of surveillance their is even more stringent requirements.

For Carter Page to be classified a foreign agent there must be more than assertion. A corrupt Dossier is not evidence within itself. Schiff then charges the Russian government waged a “massive” campaign to “discredit” our election and Page was part of that. Mere speculation. In fact, given the Democrats, and primarily Schiff, continuous interference could very well be evidence HE, too, is a foreign agent, working to “nullify” that election.

(2) Steele is a ‘recognized expert’ on Russia.

This is quite the stretch since he has been away from those past duties for 25 years. Many things have changed in Russia over that period of time.

All he can say about Steele and the connection to the DNC and Clinton is it’s ridiculous to believe the Russia investigation was a Democrat plot. Clinton and the DNC had a law firm hire FusionGPS who hired Steele and he used Russian information. After all that it was the Democrats, and Schiff, who pounded incessantly FOR a “Russian Investigation”.

“Nunes provides no evidence the Dossier is false or inaccurate”. WHAT? WHAT??? NO evidence its FALSE. REALLY?? Schiff, are you really that ignorant And Stupid. You really, actually put THAT out.

He recycles the old canard that the Free Beacon initiated the project. Maybe he should go back and read testimony already given in Congress. He continues with straw-man arguments with Steele and “his” credibility. Steele has already called into question His credibility IN COURT proceedings on this very issue.

He cites two guilty pleas and two indictments to “justify”, Justify?, Trump campaign being compromised.

(3) No credible basis for removing Rosenstein.

I really can’t read any more, This man Schiff, is Too Stupid To Have A Job.