Lindsey Graham Isn’t Going to “Shut Up” About Judge Kavanaugh


Fox Sen. Lindsey Graham reacted to the unexpected call by Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake for an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, despite voting to send his nomination to the Supreme Court to the full Senate.

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 11-10 in favor of recommending Kavanaugh on Friday with the proviso that the Senate floor vote would be delayed one week with a recommendation for an FBI probe.

Graham said that Jeff Flake is trying to get some Democrats to buy in.

President Trump has agreed to a “supplemental” FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh to be completed in a week. He made is statement in a tweet.

Graham said no one was angry with Flake.

Flake had been accosted by women who were sexual assault victims and that seemed to upset him. Apparently he likes to give in to the squeaky wheels. Did these women go up to Keith Ellison’s office and demand an FBI probe into him?

The Senate Democrats also pulled Flake into a back room and his friend, far-left Chris Coons talked him into a delay.

Republicans and the Kavanaugh family get to be abused for another week.


After the decision, Coons said the probe can’t be limited to a week. There will be other allegations.

Ford’s far-left lawyer Debra Katz doesn’t want the probe limited to one week.

“No artificial limits as to time or scope should be imposed on this investigation,” Katz said in a statement.

She added that letting the FBI do a “thorough” investigation is “critical to developing all the relevant facts.”

At the same time, the Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer is claiming the allegations are corroborated.

The whole one week delay was a ruse.

Lindsey Graham has been the sane voice in this, and he’s not going to shut up. Are you listening Mazie?


  1. I’m sure Kavanaugh is smart enough to realize the proposal to have Another FBI investigation was Only a delay tactic. Since it’s been granted NOW, even MORE demands are being levied by virtually everyone who is against Kavanaugh. So, I’m sure he Knew this is where it was going.

  2. It’s over. And Graham played up to the situation for publicity. He supports the 1 week additional witch hunt. It was silly for anyone to think he is on Trump’s side, after having attacked Trump numerous times.

    • Maybe Graham is just being realistic. Unfortunately, yesterday so many of the people I know and talked to, even educated ones, have heard over and over again that Kavanaugh was “avoiding” another FBI investigation on the msm that they were buying into he “must” be guilty unless the FBI was brought in again. The hardcore Dems will never want Kavanaugh, but maybe the “average” person will be reassured.

  3. Schumer says “corroborated” allegations? I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means. Funny how these lawyers get mixed up on what “credible” and “corroborated” mean, let alone who has the burden of proof, the accuser or the accused.

  4. I also believe every attorney, involved with bringing Ford’s accusation to the public’s attention should have a full investigation on them by the FBI…

    • Sessions is not going to investigate anything that helps Trump. If you want a decent investigation you must want Sessions and Rosenstein removed. This is a coup. Coup members do not cooperate with the coup target.

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