Lindsey Graham said he wants to vote on impeachment ASAP


Sen. Lindsey Graham said the public never bought into the Bill Clinton impeachment and he learned that, without public support, an impeachment is never going to happen.

In terms of Nixon, his conduct over time was “egregious,” he said. It was bipartisan and the public agreed.

What will happen with the Donald Trump case will be similar to the Clinton impeachment, he stated. There isn’t support for it.

He thought the Mueller probe would end it, but he was wrong. This new probe is driven by partisans.

The process the House used is dangerous. His goal is that when it gets to the Senate, he wants to vote as soon as possible.

He will not support any witnesses being called.

If being “unnerved” is a basis for impeachment, he would have wanted to impeach President Obama. A lot of things Obama did unnerved Graham.




  1. Of course. Graham is anxious to play pretend hero, and ensure his reelection, after spending 3 years as an impediment of investigating the coup. He’s done nothing to help Trump, only does things to help himself.

  2. Graham was involved with McCain and other Senators along with Biden fleecing Ukraine for Billions. Graham doesn’t want an investigation because he and other Senators don’t want to be exposed. That’s the reason he told POTUS he wouldn’t call witnesses Trump wanted. Graham doesn’t want full blown trial. The story is being avoided. Rush Limbaugh reported this Dec 9th 3rd hour. OANN sent reporter to Ukraine to investigate and uncovered Graham and McCain’s involvement.

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