Lindsey Graham’s Working on Amnesty for a “Metaphorical Wall”


Here we go again! Although Lindsey Graham has redeemed himself in some ways, he’s still Lindsey Gramnesty. He has a deal in the works to end the shutdown. It sounds like the last lousy deal in which the Democrats were to get everything they wanted and the Republicans were to get nothing much. The new Gramnesty deal will give Trump a “metaphorical wall”.

What is a metaphorical wall, you ask. It’s some kind of barrier that “makes sense”, according to Graham.

The “breakthrough” compromise would give the President a lousy $5 billion for a “metaphorical” wall, i.e., border security, in exchange for codifying DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Referrals) protections. The President would also give out 700k work permits.

The problem with codifying DACA is it sets precedent for future DACA. As a result, we will not only have anchor babies, we will have permanent DACA. Then all the DACA relatives will have to be allowed to immigrate because that’s what always happens.

Also as part of the deal, the White House would support the Bridge Act, a bill Graham co-sponsored to grant DACA recipients three-year work permits, as well as legislation to extend the legal status of TPS holders [250,000 immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Sudan, and Haiti who were allowed to come due to a crisis in their own countries, but never returned. They’re still here.]

The President finds this “interesting”, Graham says.

Trump has been calling for a fence lately, instead of a wall. Dems love the fence idea because illegals can get under, through, or over them and still claim they are strong on border control.

During a two-hour phone interview with the LA Times, outgoing Chief of Staff John Kelly said the President gave up on any kind of concrete barrier at the border months ago.

This deal, such as it is, is in the very early planning stages and might not come to pass. However, the Democrats always seem to get everything they want no matter who is in power.

On a positive note, the President put out a great tweet today about Obama’s wall:

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5 years ago

I believe Graham is conniving but it’s doubtful the senate and Trump will agree. Graham has been obsessed with a massive amnesty for over 10 years, it’s impossible he has changed. Trust of Graham is foolish.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

Oh Lord it seems the Deep State is winning, cheap labor, remittance payments to their mother countries, anchor babies, more for health care and welfare, Sad!!!!