Lisa Page Made a Fairly Bombshell Statement About Her Texts With Peter Strzok


Agent Peter Strzok testified last week about his many vile text messages. To refresh peoples’ memories, he said things like Trump supporters are smelly hillbillies and Trump must never be president. Strzok said there was an “insurance policy” and he planned to “stop…Trump”.

The many faces of Peter Strzok. This is the guy who interviewed General Flynn.

This week, his former paramour Lisa Page testified and she did not confirm his testimony on some key issues.

Rep. Ratcliffe told Fox & Friends on Monday that there were discrepancies in what Peter Strzok testified to and what Lisa Page said during her closed door testimony. He described her as more forthcoming. One thing he said in particular is fairly big news.

Strzok denied the texts had meaning beyond letting off steam. Page, on the other hand, said they “mean exactly what they said.”

“There are differences in their testimony on many cases,” Ratcliffe said. “She admits that the text messages mean exactly what they say, as opposed to Agent Strzok, who thinks that we have all misinterpreted his own words on any text message that might be negative.”

She also clearly stated that she is a Democrat.


This was confirmed by Rep. Gohmert and others. He added that a major foreign power, not Russia, had gotten Hillary Clinton’s emails and Strzok did nothing about it. Lisa Page did not know about that.

Page was a Democrat rooting for Hillary, did not want Trump, but she was more contrite. She answered before the lawyers could mute her comments.

There were other supervisors involved besides Peter Strzok.


Another interesting bit of information has come out about the spook Peter Strzok. Right now it’s just interesting and conclusions cannot be drawn except that there’s serious potential of more bias than we knew.

Big League Politics reports that Peter Strzok grew up in Iran and attended the American school there. It closed down in 1978. After that, he attended an American school in Saudi Arabia. He might have attended St. John’s Prep in Minnesota, followed by Georgetown. His father Peter Strzok Sr. and he both spoke favorably of Iran.

It’s interesting information. Big League also found out some information about his father Peter Strzok Sr. who worked for a charity in Haiti.

Junior worked as Obama’s and Brennan’s envoy to the Iran regime according to the website.

Big League Politics uses a lot of anonymous sources and we can’t confirm much of it, but we did find information on the father, Peter Paul Strzok that you can read here. The website also produced a newspaper clipping of the father talking about Iran.


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