Lisa Page Says Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Wasn’t Joking


Sources who spoke with Lisa Page weighed in on the Rosenstein story reported by the New York Times on Friday. According to the sources speaking with The Daily Beast, her take is different from some of those who attended the meeting where Rosenstein’s controversial comments were made. Page’s spokesperson refused to comment for the article.

Rosenstein was the subject of a New York Times story on Friday, accusing him of mulling over the possibility of taping the President in the Oval Office with the intention of getting him ousted by — possibly — [mis]using the 25th Amendment.

Rosenstein said he was being sarcastic and some who were present at the meeting came to the same conclusion. There was at least one attendee who didn’t agree — Lisa Page. Page was at the meeting and she thought Rosenstein was deadly serious.


Two sources familiar with the situation said Page, who wrote a memo about that meeting, told the Daily Beast she took the secret taping comment seriously.

Page resigned from the FBI in May as the text message controversy between her and Peter Strzok blew up over their obvious anti-Trump bias.

The Daily Beast reporting can be inaccurate and it is geared left. There is also a question as to whether to trust Page [if she even said it]. She did, after all, plot to take down the President as if we all live in a Third World nation.

It also must be kept in mind that she was Andrew McCabe’s attorney and he is at war with Rosenstein. Still, Republicans who met with her in closed sessions found her to be forthcoming.

Fox News legal analyst Greg Jarrett says Rosenstein should recuse himself until an investigation is completed. Rosenstein won’t. He’s already conflicted and hasn’t cared about how it looks.

On Fox News Sunday, Lindsey Graham said there is definitely a bureaucratic coup against the President.

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5 years ago

Its obvious this was and still is an attempted coup, Rod Rottenstink, if you have nothing to hide, release the documents Trump has requested, as far as our Allies asking Trump not to release this stuff, Nunes said it best today on Fox, if they were not involved in this,how would they know what was in this FISA, and asking to not release it, Remember when Judge Napolitano blurted out on Fox news that he has the info that GCHQ is behind the spying? It was in early ’17 when Trump first alleged Obama spying……….He was kicked off Fox News for several weeks!!!!!!!!!! when he returned to fox, he doubled down………The British did the spying through GCHQ,.

5 years ago

Trump should fire Sessions and Rosenstein now……,,,,the American public has seen what is going on, finally. And release all the e-mails from the deep state that Congress is wanting to see…………and then have trials and put all the coup traitors in prison FOR A LONG TIME!!!

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

All of the characters are pointing fingers at each other to create confusion, while no is charged with anything concrete.