Listen to Demented Joe Yelling, “We Beat Pharma This Year!”


Joe Biden is now yelling out to Americans, “We beat Pharma. We finally beat Pharma.” You can hear him scream it out in the clip below. He’s yelling and brag-lying to make it more convincing.

Joe Biden is running around yelling to teeny crowds of people who come to see him that “We beat Pharma.” A year ago, he said COVID is the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Now, he’s claiming he somehow doesn’t have their electric collar around his neck.


The senile leader of the once-free world turned his presidency and every executive agency into lickspittles for Big Pharma and is now pretending he beat them.  The senescent unyoung Joe petitioned the Supreme Court to allow the firing of employees refusing to participate in Big Pharma’s experimental vaccines. He falsely claimed they contained the infection’s spread and prevented it. He peddled Paxlovid, which does not work. Big Pharma is fully in control of Joe Biden.

Pfizer is making tens of billions on Paxlovid, $10.6 billion out of the gate from the US, and it doesn’t work. Studies show that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine work to prevent infection when used regularly, but try and get them in blue states. The vaccine made about $32 billion this year alone, and Paxlovid made $22 billion. Neither works. Read Dr. Gortler’s article.

Biden bought more Paxlovid at a 56% hike over cost. Big Pharma beat Joe and the American taxpayer. We should be yelling about that.

To be fair, Dr. Marty Makary believes Paxlovid cut deaths to zero.

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Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
6 months ago

Joe Biden is a known stupid person who actually screeched, ‘WE BEAT FARMERS’ in an evil attempt to show how he cruelly abused Amercan farmers who supply our foods. The handshaker of walls Joe Biden and democrat accomplices are nothing more than creatures of filth and deprivation, soulless appendages and blackened corrupt hearts which resemble the very coals they’re trying to eliminate. From before birth, that is their lots until they krap out and get kicked into that howling evil forever-hole where they rightfully belong.

Last edited 6 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
6 months ago

How did we beat Pharma when the Government is shoveling Billions to them and they are making record Profits? In guess Insane People will only vote for an Insane President. I guess Klaus Schwab was right; We will make you little more than house pets and you will like it.