Listen Up John Kerry! Courageous Iranians Are Messaging #ThankYouTrump


COURAGEOUS IRANIANS have started the hashtag Thank You Trump ON TWITTER. A lot of the people of Iran would like to once again be free of the totalitarianism in the name of religion. Why would they want the impoverishment these Mullahs have brought to Iran?

Prior to the revolution in 1979, the people of Iran were very well-educated and they dressed like Europeans. In fact, there has always been a tremendouse European influence in Iran. The worst thing the French ever did was let Khomenei seek refuge in their country for decades so he could go back victorious in 1979.

It’s hard to know just how many Iranians are freedom fighters but it does remind us that there is another side to the threats and warnings coming from the Democratic Party. Democrats and the Democrat media are more interested in protecting Obama’s legacy than they are in our nation’s security.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi are railing against the cancellation of the deal that grew the Iranian GDP tenfold. An infuriated John Kerry is claiming that the elimination of the Iran deal has brought us “to the brink” of war, when in fact the opposite is true.

The deal gave them riches to sponsor more terrorism in the mid-East and in Latin America. Hezbollah has drug cartels thoughout our nation and they are destroying Yemen, possibly Iraq.

Iranians are now lobbing missiles into Israel from Syria — think about that. Iranians control Syria

Appeasement only allowed them time develop their ICBMS and whatever else they are doing in their military installations which no one is monitoring.

At the end of the agreement, they were allowed to have nuclear weapons with a shorter breakout time than they had before.

These Mullahs believe in the coming of the 12th Imam and they don’t care about life as Westerners do. There is little doubt that once they have their nuclear program up and running, they will shoot them off at their enemies. “Death to America, Death to Israel, Death to the West”, they chant and the they mean it.

Many Iranians want peace and to just live their lives as you can see from some of the tweets here. Go to Twitter and check out the #ThankYouTrump.



  1. The Iranian people would have a better chance to accomplish a return to normalcy if it weren’t for Tech Giants like Google and Amazon.

    People have developed anti-censorship tools making use of “domain fronting” which is a process to get around censorship by effectively appearing to send traffic via sites like Google. Because most countries are reluctant to block “all” of Google the use of domain fronting was useful. Google has shut the feature down.

    Domain fronting works using HTTPS, to communicate with a forbidden host while appearing to communicate with some other host, permitted by the censor. The key idea is the use of different domain names at different layers of communication. One domain appears on the “outside” of an HTTPS request—in the DNS request and TLS Server Name Indication—while another domain appears on the “inside”—in the HTTP Host header, invisible to the censor under HTTPS encryption. A censor, unable to distinguish fronted and nonfronted traffic to a domain, must choose between allowing circumvention traffic and blocking the domain entirely, which results in expensive collateral damage.

  2. John McCain has issued an invitation to John Kerry to speak at McCain’s funeral. The subject is courage in battle.

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