Little Children Are Now Water-Bombing NYC Police


You have probably heard that youth are throwing buckets of water on police, but do you know how young some of these ‘youth’ are?

Where are the parents of the children, the very young children, who are waterbombing the police? They are learning disrespect for police at a very early age. It doesn’t bode well for their future or ours. If you teach children to disrespect one authority figure, they will generalize to all.

This is how you get sociopaths.

Look at the size of these children in the clip:

New York lawmakers introduced legislation this week that would make it a felony to douse Police Officers with water; a direct response after multiple videos went viral showing members of the NYPD attacked with buckets during the recent heatwave.

“This is disgraceful,” Assemblyman Mike LiPetri of Long Island said of the incidents. “The men and women in blue are people in our neighborhoods. Let us not forget that these officers took a sacred oath … We believe it is time that we return to a society that understands the fundamental belief in right versus wrong.”

It might not pass. It is New York, after all.

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