Little Girl Suspended for Wearing the Wrong Color Shirt



One of these twins was suspended for wearing the wrong color shirt to school. Guess which one, come on, you know!

That’s right! It’s the one who wore Kelly green. That little girl sure looks like a trouble maker, doesn’t she?

They must hate the Irish.

The Principal has a strict dress code. Can you imagine what would happen if she chewed a pop tart into the shape of a gun and tried to pastry shoot someone?

Crystal whose daughter Kylie wore the Kelly green, the other little girl is her twin, told Fox 29 that the vice principal “wanted me to know that she can’t wear that shirt and if she does wear that shirt again, she would be suspended.”

Shirts or blouses can be white, dark green or navy blue with collars only. Kelly green is a violation. Crystal admits her conversation with the assistant principal and then the principal did get a bit heated.

Can you blame this parent?

They said, “My child messed up, I messed it up for my child, and she’d be suspended next time for it, but to suspend a child over the shade of a shirt. I found it a little ridiculous,” she explained.

The girls missed the bus Tuesday morning, and when they arrived at school a few minutes late– properly dressed– they were met by the principal.

“She told me don’t bother to sign her in and told Kylie that she’s not in school today,” the mother explained.

“I got suspended for wearing the different color they wanted me to wear,” said Kylie. “The principal told me that I don’t have to stay here and I could leave.”

Let’s just say this is a good girl, what kind of damage does this do?




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