LIVE at the Border With President Trump at the El Paso Rally


CNN host Jake Tapper said Monday that President Trump was holding a rally in El Paso, Texas, as part of an effort to spread a “falsehood” about how barriers reduced crime in the city. The El Paso Mayor also came out to debunk the story, citing improved crime statistics.

It’s not likely Tapper has been to the border recently or ever. The border abruptly ends and anyone can walk across. As for the mayor’s crime stats, it’s not necessarily relevant. It’s unlikely all illegal aliens coming across stay in El Paso.

Citizen journalist Anthony is livestreaming the President’s rally in El Paso this evening. It has the left angry.


This is the border, Tapper thinks is secure. Anthony takes a tour in El Paso.


The fake Hispanic Beto O’Rourke says it’s racist to want a wall and he is holding a counter rally of his leftist followers.

Beto is actually Robert Francis O’Rourke. The Beto nickname is part of his fraud.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, the high school yearbooks of former Texas congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke make no mention of him as “Beto,” the nickname he says “just stuck” with him ever since he was growing up.

The yearbooks from his time at the Woodberry Forest School, an all-boys Virginia boarding school O’Rourke attended after leaving his local high school in El Paso, Texas, refer to O’Rourke as either “Rob” or “Robert,” the names he also went by while in college and while trying to find himself in New York City after graduating.

The school yearbook from 1991, O’Rourke’s senior year, reveal a student who was already interested in punk rock, was involved with numerous literary clubs and ran track. The yearbook also shows that some of his classmates at the small school posed for annual pictures with the Confederate flag, though O’Rourke does not appear in any of those images.

O’Rourke graduated in June 1991 and was awarded the Robert F. Williams Memorial Medal for being the student who “submits the most imaginative prose or poetry,” according to the yearbook.

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