Live Free and Die Free


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by Gary Spina
(Copyright 2013 by Gary Spina)

Let me explain this as simply as I can. I will not be participating in Obamacare in any way. I am too old, and I have lived too free too long to be subjugated by my government. I may be on Social Security and Medicare, I may not be in the best of health, but I am no slave, no serf, no subject of the state.

Steadily and endlessly, our “leaders” in Washington — Democrats and Republicans alike – have dedicated themselves to breaking our will to theirs. They may be at the heights of their power, and they may have built their own arena, but I will not perform for them.

I am sure that by not participating in Obamacare my Social Security check will be stopped, my Medicare will be discontinued, whatever assets I have will be garnisheed, and I will be threatened with fines and prison time. I am sure I will have to live my old age without my blood pressure medicine and the pain pills I take for my arthritis. I am sure I will be homeless — free to sleep beneath God’s starry skies and bathe in God’s running creeks. I am sure I will go to my grave earlier than I otherwise should or would. But I wherever I go and wherever I am, I will have my liberty, my dignity, and the courage to assert my individuality. I will live free and I will die free.

I am old enough to have lived in a free America – before it was chipped away and ground down from its grassy hillside where its roofs touched the blue sky to this dark socialist morass we drown in today. I consider myself luckier than most men who have ever lived on this planet because in my lifetime I have known real freedom – freedom to succeed, freedom to fail, freedom to be a man – freedom to hold my head high in a country that put no limits on my individuality, a country where We the People controlled our own daily existence – our own destiny — free from the entanglements of government domination – free from regulations too numerous to put a number on, bureaucratic oppression, social control of our children and families, control of the words we utter, our expression and our religion – free in our work and our leisure and our private ownership of property and wealth.

An older generation of Americans understood the sanctity of a man’s individual soul. They rolled up their sleeves and they got their hands dirty. They worked the land and the factories and the sciences – they gazed up at the stars and dreamed dreams and saw visions. They triumphed over daunting challenges and they proved their individual worth and secured a place in time and destiny for themselves and their families. Now these older Americans watch as this new generation crawls meekly to the trough to lap up the government’s collective gratification.

While the old Americans built a country and raised their families, a softer breed of Americans tiptoed into the halls of government and entrenched themselves in the faculties of our great universities. In recent years whole generations of under educated children have been indoctrination in our government schools and by our liberal news media and film and music industries – children who are now adults content to have their government take control of their passions, their wealth, their heath, their safety, and their old age.

Our politicians in Washington openly govern against the will of the people, yet somehow this new generation tolerates it. They’ve no stomach for risk, no appetite for rebellion.

We know that most of our politicians are slimy opportunists, yet we tolerate them because they have broken us down into groups and classes, and somehow they have convinced each class that they will enslave them last of all the others. We tolerate our politicians who are shameless liars, ruthless demagogues, and outright crooks. They, themselves, are responsible for the very conditions they pretend to struggle with: inequality, poverty, crime, inflation, illiteracy, injustice – and we believe them when they tell us they cannot afford to give us tax breaks, as though they have first claim to our money and our property. And lay claim they do – spending shamelessly to fund their own political futures and feather their own nests. Somehow we’ve forgotten that we once fought a revolution because of taxation without representation and high-handed government oppression. Back then taxes were about three percent – back before federal and state income tax, gasoline tax, sales tax, telephone tax, federal aviation tax, even sewer, water, and energy tax – so many taxes I cannot name them all. And we pay it all subserviently.

We live our daily lives in the harness and traces of unrelenting agenda-driven oppression and control. We live with the tyranny of governmental overreach in departments and bureaus that should be eliminated completely or curtailed severely: Education, Energy, Environmental Protection, Labor, Housing, Highway Traffic and Safety, Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Internal Revenue, Federal Communications, Federal Reserve Bank, Homeland Security, Interior Department, Interstate Commerce, Health and Urban Development, Urban Planning, Consumer Affairs. The list goes on and on – I cannot name all the agencies that lay claim to our wealth, our labor, our industry, our creativity, and our genius.

Our free and independent press is a thing of the past and Obama, Reid, Schumer, and the Democrats are given a free ride to lie and pillage and subvert our Constitution. The press is harsher on Boehner, Ryan, Rubio and the Republicans who must be less overt as they, too, lie and pillage and make a mockery of our basic God-given rights. Like jackals and hyenas, the GOP is content to steal the leavings of the Democrats. Both parties are licking their chops.

I have seen America at its best, and this is not it. I have seen the American people at their best, and these are not those people. And now it is too late and I alone cannot stop the cancer that has metastasized across this nation. I can only control my own destiny and live my life as a free man.

No, I will not take arms against America or be part of any coup that will result in bloodshed of any kind. But I am of an older America – and I will never submit to tyranny. I will not participate in Obamacare in any way. I will not cooperate in anyway with Obama and the power-hungry liars and hypocrites of both political parties. I will not in anyway be subjugated by the thugs who have taken over this once-free nation.

Am I the last American who will live free and die free?


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