Bin Laden’s Wives


“The woman who the White House said charged U.S. Navy SEALs in an apparent desperate last ditch effort to protect Osama bin Laden has been identified as bin Laden’s youngest wife, a woman nearly half his age.

The woman, identified by a passport found inside the al Qaeda leader’s compound as 29-year-old Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, was in the room when the SEALs took the final, fateful shots at 54-year-old Osama bin Laden and was herself shot in the leg when she rushed, unarmed, at the special operators. She was treated for her wounds and is in custody in Pakistan, officials said.

Fatah, bin Laden’s fifth wife and the only one left living with him in the house, had been gifted to the al Qaeda leader from a Yemeni family when she was just a teenager and later had three young children with him. Of his other wives, he had divorced one and three others had moved to Syria…”Read more here: Osama’s youngest wife, born 1982

More about bin Laden’s wives, here he is described as a family man. I suppose that was before he decided to ask the sons to become suicide bombers.bin Laden’s wives

An interview with one wife: “‘He rarely eats meat but likes to go hunting’
The world’s media have struggled to find out about Osama bin Laden’s personal life. Now a London magazine, Al-Majallah, has scooped them all by interviewing one of his wives. She told Khalid Nasr about September 11, life on the run and her husband’s fondness for yoghurt…”Interview