Hillary Clinton’s Campaign People Are the Ones Who Met With the Russian Ambassador


In an interview that aired Sunday morning , Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told CNN host Fareed Zakaria that the Russian Ambassador met with people connected to the Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s the job of Russian officials, he said, stating the obvious.

“Well, if you look at some people connected with Hillary Clinton during her campaign, you would probably see that he had lots of meetings of that kind. There are lots of specialists in politology, people working in think tanks advising Hillary or advising people working for Hillary.”

It’s the Russian Ambassador’s job to meet with officials to discuss “bilateral officials”.

He insisted Russia did not interfere in the U.S. elections. There was popular support for Trump in Russia because Hillary Clinton was calling Russia evil and Trump was saying they need to talk to each other but “there were no meetings about elections – electoral process.

He said it was nonsense and the U.S. is demeaning itself.

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